Rob Who???

Tuesday I receive a call from a Delaware phone number but not a number I recognize, I answer regardless:

Me: Hello

Stranger: WHO IS THIS????

Me: This is Heather, who is this?

Stranger: This is Jen

Long awkward silence…

Jen: Are you talking to Rob?

Me: I’m married with three kids, I have no idea who you are talking about

Jen: Oh, I found your number and thought you might have been someone else. Nevermind, good-bye

What strikes me as odd is, how did she “find my number?” and who the hell is “Rob?” So, it annoyed me off and on the rest of the night and I had half a notion to call her back and tell her that if she has to call strange numbers to check on her man then she should find a new one.

Thinking back on it today it was less annoying and more comical until…

Man’s Voice: Is Rob there?

Me: Nope! You have the wrong number!

Man’s Voice: Okay, bye.

Really, really we are talking about Rob yet again? This time it wasn’t my cell phone like the day prior it was my house phone. Now it’s getting too weird. Who is Rob? Has he stole my identity? Is Tom in a secret affair going by the name Rob (hahaha)? Is someone playing a practical joke on me? A little spooky.

Tom and I have been joking back and forth about “Rob” and whenever we say hello or good-bye it’s “Hey Rob or Good Bye Rob!”  If I get anymore phone calls about “Rob” I’m going to interrogate the person on the other line. I don’t even know a Rob and I hope some weirdo isn’t out there using my phone number(s). What the heck!


The Week of W


Tuesday’s craft was a surprise for Mother’s Day so I’ll be waiting to see what present Hannah has made for me.

Watermelon, Whale with a Whistle:

Poor Molly the dog went to the groomers. I trucked in with all three kids to pick her up (that was quite the adventure in its self) and peek over the wall to see this:

For some strange reason she has a lion cut?!?!?! I asked them to shave her down, meaning, take ALL of her fur off.  This was not so. I still get a chuckle when I walk past her, it’s been 6 days.

I also discovered this week that my roof is still leaking. I’m so glad I spent all of my free time sanding and painting. As it literally rained the Sunday night that I finished painting. Welcome to my life.

Amelia is sitting up on her own and has become much better with taking bites from her spoon and KEEPING it in her mouth, phew!

Just when you think it’s safe to sit up, a crazy person jumps out from behind you:


The Week of V


Lamb & Horse:

Freestyle painting and a Vulture wearing a Vest:

This week was filled with finally sanding the ceiling & walls and then painting said ceiling & walls. To make it even more fun I painted with three different paint colors because I enjoy torturing myself ;)  Friday after work I hung out with my best girl friends for a well deserved steak dinner, followed up with some Target shopping. Fun times, fun times.


Easter Break

The egg hunters waiting oh so patiently to be released to the yard.

This Easter my Mom was in town for the weekend from Shreveport. We had our normal Easter dinner and egg hunt on Saturday so Mom wouldn’t miss out.

Sunday , Tom, the kids and I went to church. The kids enjoyed the egg hunt and breakfast, after church we headed home. We enjoyed an Easter pot roast made by your’s truly. It was definitely a different feel to Easter with Mom gone the day of.

The Week of U


Unicorn, Umbrella, Big U and Little U

Umbrella and (a ripped) Ketchup & Mustard

My brother celebrated his 30th Birthday this week and the very next day Tom’s sister celebrated her 24th birthday.

My mom flew in Thursday night and was able to spend Easter weekend with us all. My brother had a mini vacation to Vegas to celebrate his 30th and made it home just in time to see Mama.

The Week of T

Carter has officially joined us at the table:

The Week of S

Big S, Little S and Sailboat:

Starfish covered in Sand  and  a Squirrel with a Spoon:

Amelia eats applesauce:

Family Pictures:

When Carter asks why he is not in very many pictures, I will show him this:

On Thursday I started to attend the Real Marriage bible study group at church. I might have subconsciously been avoiding joining. Even though I really wanted too, a part of me was a little scared.

Friday was a night out with my two best friends. I’ve come to the conclusion that martinis might be a wee bit too strong for me. This may have resulted in my best friend Emily driving me home, ahem.

Saturday we did Easter pictures and then Sunday was church. Not only did my Mom come home for the weekend but Tom by some miracle had a weekend off from work. I love when he’s home on the weekends.

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