Rob Who???

Tuesday I receive a call from a Delaware phone number but not a number I recognize, I answer regardless:

Me: Hello

Stranger: WHO IS THIS????

Me: This is Heather, who is this?

Stranger: This is Jen

Long awkward silence…

Jen: Are you talking to Rob?

Me: I’m married with three kids, I have no idea who you are talking about

Jen: Oh, I found your number and thought you might have been someone else. Nevermind, good-bye

What strikes me as odd is, how did she “find my number?” and who the hell is “Rob?” So, it annoyed me off and on the rest of the night and I had half a notion to call her back and tell her that if she has to call strange numbers to check on her man then she should find a new one.

Thinking back on it today it was less annoying and more comical until…

Man’s Voice: Is Rob there?

Me: Nope! You have the wrong number!

Man’s Voice: Okay, bye.

Really, really we are talking about Rob yet again? This time it wasn’t my cell phone like the day prior it was my house phone. Now it’s getting too weird. Who is Rob? Has he stole my identity? Is Tom in a secret affair going by the name Rob (hahaha)? Is someone playing a practical joke on me? A little spooky.

Tom and I have been joking back and forth about “Rob” and whenever we say hello or good-bye it’s “Hey Rob or Good Bye Rob!”  If I get anymore phone calls about “Rob” I’m going to interrogate the person on the other line. I don’t even know a Rob and I hope some weirdo isn’t out there using my phone number(s). What the heck!

Limbo Land

That’s kind of where I’m at right now with this pregnancy. After Thursday’s doctors appointment resulted in being admitted directly to the High Risk Pregnancy Unit at our local hospital.

I stayed in the hospital for about a day and a half to be observed and to complete a 24 hour urine test as an inpatient. The results of that test were the same as when I did it a month and a half ago, only confirming once again that I have preeclampsia. Shocker.

Initially, I thought that they might take Amelia that day or the next since I was sent to high-risk but obviously that didn’t occur. One of the doctors on duty said that the risk of taking her at 36 weeks was too high. Since I now have gestational diabetes Amelia is at a greater risk of having respiratory issues if she is born prior to 37 weeks. Call it mother’s intuition but I don’t think it’s her time just yet and was surprised to have found myself back in the hospital. She is doing very well cooking; it’s just my body that is having an adverse reaction.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve finally hit my wall of being good spirited about bed rest and hospital stays. It took a month and a half but I’ve finally cracked. It feels like fall was ruined, it’s my favorite time of year and I can’t even enjoy it. I miss not being able to spend as much time with Tom and our kids. I just feel sad. Maybe the coming weeks will be better?

The Waiting Room

That’s where we are at with this pregnancy. Hopeful I don’t take another turn for the worse but praising God that I’ve gotten so much better!

The nurse took my pressure today at the OB’s office and announced 138/88. The Doctor and I looked at each other stunned and ecstatic all at the same time. I think the Doc even asked the nurse “Really??!?!?” It has not been that low in weeks, even though the bottom number is a touch high my doctor was just glad it had come down so much. I still have protein in my urine which is not good but that just comes with the territory of preeclampsia. At the end of my appointment the doc leans against the counter and says “I know you’re feeling better but I still don’t want you up moving around too much!” I kind of chuckled because that would be like me to sneak a load of laundry here and there ;) I assured her I will still be bed ridden until 11/1.

At my ultrasound today Amelia’s fluid levels are looking great and her heart rate was 148. The tech told me that her weight was “approximately five pounds, three ounces.” I laughed on the inside, at that rate she would be eight pounds and I’m highly doubtful if she is bigger than seven and that would be a stretch. I have long babies (both 22″) but Hannah was 5.15 when she was born and Carter 6.10. I would be blown away if Amelia was very much bigger than Carter.

So there you have it, we are at week 33 and with 6 more weeks of bed rest I’m hoping nothing funky happens with Amelia and I’s health to bump us up before our 6 week wait is over :)

First Week of (Pre)School!

Hannie had started school this week; she is still beyond excited! This week was red week so they learned all about the color red. She even got to paint and do play-doh which are things we don’t often do at home. I must say that with her curiosity of bathrooms she was probably most excited about the “little potty.”

First Day:

Her Artwork:

Second Day:

Her brother has been acting lethargic since Thursday, this was his take on his sister starting school:

Followed up with some cartoons and cuddling on the couch:

Operation Organization

Last weekend my Dad and I worked on the family room. I seem to get along best with my Dad on projects like this because we have the same mindset. We’re practically twins ;)

Dad and I set forth on cleaning my family room which had somehow began to look like a room that a hoarder lived in. We threw away some things, hung shelves, cleaned some more and finally ended up with a pretty decent looking room. After Dad went home I organized DVDs and began putting them on the shelves, hung pictures, put out Tom and I’s unity candle and a few more odds and ends. In between organizing the family room I worked on sanding, staining, sanding, staining and sanding some more. Voila! I had a completed handrail.

This weekend I hung more shelves and put the books up. Finding bookends proved futile so for now I just have heavy stuff sitting on the shelf to keep my books from falling in the floor. I’m itching to do more will need more money for the big items like a small loveseat/big chair and a TV stand. Once we have that this room will be all set for the kid’s toys!


…when I get to, for a moment, pretend to be a stay at home mom. Maybe one day hopefully I’ll get to stay home with the kiddos but for now, me working is a necessary evil.

This year was a stay at home year. This usually occurs on the years I’m pregnant, I kind of like it that way. We stayed home for a day then headed to the beach for a few days. Came home and stayed a day and then the next headed to Sesame Place. Then back home to watch movies, eat popcorn and lounge around like we hadn’t a care in the world! Ooh, we even had my best friend’s baby shower which was of course super fun! Then it was a quiet fourth of July as Tom returned to work and I attempted to shrink the overwhelming list on my DVR. Monday night Hannie had a hard time falling asleep, as soon as she realized it was back to work for me the next day she would not stop crying. After I finally got her settled in bed, I went in my room and started to cry too. I hate leaving my kiddos and I really, really didn’t want to leave them for super stressful work. I guess that’s life and we just got to keep plugging along and praying life might change for the better someday.

As fun as vacation was I think it was an eye opener for me. Hannah’s voice sounds so little still and I enjoyed taking the time to listen to her ramble on. Carter’s legs suddenly looked so long! When did my baby boy turn into a nearly two-year old? I enjoyed snuggling in bed with my husband at a normal time of day. I just wish life could be like that everyday! Tom and I were able to talk face to face for once which was terrific. We even hammered out a baby name for our upcoming girl. We both really liked Amelia Sophia but couldn’t bring ourselves to give this child the initials A.S.S.  So, we decided on Amelia Jane instead! Apparently, come to find out Amelia is a family name on Tom’s side and Jane is a family name on my side which was an added bonus we hadn’t realized.

I am going to make a pointed effort from here on out to make more family time and memories. The years are slipping by entirely too fast!

I <3 NY

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting NYC. It was so wonderful and almost magical. We stepped out of the train station and I immediately had a smile on my face and couldn’t help but stand in amazement of the impressive buildings and the hustle and bustle that surrounded me. Our first stop was of course to a Starbucks because we all had to relieve ourselves and needed a warm beverage to keep us from freezing to death. After that we grabbed a hot dog from a street vendor, walked to fifth avenue, stood in awe at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, watched street performers, meandered around the Plaza Hotel, perused FAO Schwartz, ate at Pop Burger (delicious!), walked to Central Park, watched the ice skaters, ogled Tiffany & Co, fought our way to get a glimpse of the Rockefeller Tree, walked 4,000,000,000 miles to Times Square and then an additional 4,000,000,000,000 miles back to the train station. I even spotted Laura Linney and she smiled at me, I just love her! It was a terrific drama-free day and I would do it again-in a New York Minute ;)

Photo Credit: Kaila Regina Wedding Photography

What In The World Is Going On Up There?

I guess it’s been about two months or so that I have changed my hair style and color. It is quite fun and I always feel so delightful when I leave.

I was a little bummed about how fast red fades, mine will completely wash out in two weeks. When I went back the second time it was as if my hair was colored a completely different way from when I left. I left with a purplish brown color all over with red/purple highlights, when I went back the second time I had brown with blonde highlights. So I got the same color as before because clearly I don’t learn my lesson the first time. I explained to her how I hate how fast it fades. She sold me a bottle of pigment (read: hair color that you do at home) for an additional $15 to put on my head once a week. Hm. So every thursday I dye my hair, WTF!

Then this last time I went I thought my hair looked shorter on one side then the other. Surely this was my imagination! So I keep thinking it’s the way I am parting it or something. Well, it must have been the “or something,” I finally got down to business to investigate this scene a little further. I brush my hair completely flat to my head,  sure as the sun sets my hair is an 1 1/2 shorter on my right side then on my left. I tried parting it this way and that which seemed to just make matters worse. Hmm, now what should I do? For a millisecond I considered cutting the one side shorter to match. I decided against that as the longer side is my favorite side. It will be best to just let it grow out and hopefully have better luck next haircut?!?! This seems most logical for now.

I don’t know what to do now, do I keep spending ridiculous amounts of money for this? I know for a fact I am no longer doing the purple/red/magenta color anymore. It only looks nice the first day, after I wash my hair it comes right out.  I am afraid to get my hair cut elsewhere because I don’t know who does a good graduated bob and I am hoping my faux pas was a one time occasion. I’m thinking I’ll be heading to the beauty supply store to pick out a new hair color and letting my mom do it.  :-(

Corn Makes Rain…

(Really, the song states that Rain makes Corn but that is no longer how my brain will sing it.)

Girl’s Weekend 2010. Super Fun!

We traveled to Mahanoy City, PA about  2 1/2 hours from home to begin our wonderful journey into our no-stress zone. We had a lovely time visiting the small town where we stayed as well as the small towns around there. We went antiquing Friday which is always a wonderful adventure! I love scouring the various booths searching for the perfect item. While I was there I came up with the marvelous idea of  framing old comic books and hanging them in my entry. So that gave me a task to find the best and funnest comic book cover I could find! I was also able to grab a few with Captain America on them for Tom! :mrgreen:

The next day we went to Pottsville, PA and took the tour of Yuengling Brewery-America’s Oldest Brewery. SO cool! It was a nice little history lesson and you get to have a free beer when the tour is over! The one downfall of the tour was how hot is was.  My Lord I think they were trying to melt our flesh off! Thankfully they have their own cave that averages at 50 degrees year-round so there was a small amount of time that we were not in the blazing heat.

While in Pottsville we finally convinced Emmy to get the same tattoo as Laura and I. It is so cute and makes me want to have mine touched up so it is vibrant once more.

Sunday, we enjoyed a torrential downpour while playing monopoly, reading and cooking dinner.  So relaxing.

I love my girls and am glad we are able to share a few days with each other every year. Amazingly after 25 and 12 years we still learn new things about one another. Thank you Tom for watching our babies and I am SO looking forward to Girl’s Weekend 2011…Nashville here we come!

“Thinking” May Not Always Be A Good Thing

Aunt Flo came to see me today which makes me think that could be why I was SO emotional this week. I haven’t had Flo visit since I had Carter so it makes perfect sense that it would come when we planned to go to Sesame Place and on a date night. Tis my life I guess, I’ll just try to be grateful it came at all.

I’ve had the weirdest dreams/nightmares lately. I dreamt that the rapture happened on 12/21/2012 and Hannah, Carter and I floated off to heaven and Tom was left on Earth. Then the next night I dreamt that Hannah and I were being gunned down in our neighborhood and a bomb hit me in the face. I was then pinned to the ground and couldn’t get up until my attacker was right next to me. Thankfully these “dreams” end pretty quickly to the tune of my annoying alarm clock!

I’m still working out and eating healthy, I hope that my the end of the month I will reach the 15 pound mark! I lost a total of five pounds this week which I couldn’t have been more proud of! The week prior I had lost 1.5 lbs and to be honest was feeling a little discouraged. I kept pressing on and it paid off big time! I finally reached out via email to the counselor  so I hope to hear from her on Tuesday. I am super nervous, I’ve never had any type of counseling so this is all unfamiliar territory. I am excited to see how it affects my life!

I started reading “Women, Food and God” by Geneen Roth,  already I have cried reading it and I’m only on the second chapter! The points she makes about food addiction and why you react to food is so real. I would recommend everyone to read it, even if you don’t think you are addicted to food!

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