Amelia Jane

  • Born November 1st at 7:55 AM
  • 7 pounds 2 ounces and 19 inches long

We set our alarms for an early rise Tuesday morning, November 1st. Our bodies thought otherwise as both Tom and I slept through both of our alarms and didn’t wake until 4:45 while needing to be at the hospital by 5:30. Whoops! We both did manage to get showered and dressed in time and pulled up to the hospital doors at 5:30 on the dot. After we checked in with the front receptionist we headed up to the second floor/peri-op where we would spend our time directly before and after delivery.

Everything was pretty routine with lots of paperwork being completed and IV’s being administered. It was finally time and they wheeled me to the OR while Tom waited in the hall. The dreaded moment came to get my spinal, man do I hate that part. Finally they laid me down and Tom was allowed to come in. In typical fashion my body starts shivering and I begin to throw up, a lovely way to welcome your child to the world. After what felt like an eternity Amelia was finally born! I was almost done when I felt pain in my belly. I looked at the nurse who was messing with my medicines the entire procedure and calmly advised her that I’m on the verge of freaking out. At that point I could feel pain, I was still vomiting and my arms where shivering so hard that I looked like I was having a seizure. If I had feeling in my legs I might have sprung off that operating table! The whole c-section was miserable and felt like the longest to me.

Finally, they get me ready to wheel me back to periop where I would spend my recovery and I get to hold her. My second sweet baby girl. After we get to recovery the nurses start right away checking her and I. Amelia’s blood sugar was too low so the nurses had me give her a bottle of formula to get her sugar levels up. After that she was doing good and snoozed most of our stay in recovery. I was surprisingly in a ton of pain, not how I remember the first two c-sections. The nurses gave me medicine but it wasn’t working, I was supposed to be in recovery for two hours and I was there nearly four because my pain and blood pressure would not get under control. At one point my blood pressure reached 199/115 and the pain was like something I had never experienced before.

Once my pressures came down we were transferred to our hospital room. Everything went pretty well with the exception of around 7:00 pm the first night. The nurse at the time came in and advised us that Amelia would be under the bilirubin lights because her blood type is B positive and my type is O positive and the two don’t mix. What a terrible night that was, she hated the lights. She was not allowed to be held unless she was eating so that the lights could break up the bilirubin and get her levels down. All in all we made out okay and got to leave the hospital a day early.

It’s a week later and I feel like crud but I’m hoping that will pass soon. Amelia went to the doctor’s office Monday and is down to 6 lbs 8 ozs. I went to my doctor Monday as well and my pressure is still high 160/100 so they put me on blood pressure meds.

She is a great baby, she mostly sleeps and during the day I have to wake her up to feed her. The kids have gotten used to her very quickly and love being around her and loving on her. I’d say having three children is about like having two children…so far ;)

What happens when we attempt to get a picture of all three, lol:

Party of Five

Tomorrow is the big day! We’ll finally get to meet this little one that’s been causing so much trouble.

Tom and I will report to the hospital at 5:30 in the morning and surgery is scheduled for 7:30. Hopefully we’ll be out of surgery and recovery by lunch time or near there.

I wasn’t feeling too panicked or anxious until I hugged my in-laws and hugged my kids and Mom a little bit ago. I felt like I might just cry but was keeping it together. Then Tom called and I just started crying. Funny how talking to your husband just draws out those emotions you can otherwise conceal. It’s safe to say that my pre-baby jitters have finally kicked in, briefly. Hopefully that was my only mini meltdown because I know there is nothing to cry about. I’m super excited to meet Amelia!

I’m off to find something around the house to do and keep my mind occupied until bed time!

Limbo Land

That’s kind of where I’m at right now with this pregnancy. After Thursday’s doctors appointment resulted in being admitted directly to the High Risk Pregnancy Unit at our local hospital.

I stayed in the hospital for about a day and a half to be observed and to complete a 24 hour urine test as an inpatient. The results of that test were the same as when I did it a month and a half ago, only confirming once again that I have preeclampsia. Shocker.

Initially, I thought that they might take Amelia that day or the next since I was sent to high-risk but obviously that didn’t occur. One of the doctors on duty said that the risk of taking her at 36 weeks was too high. Since I now have gestational diabetes Amelia is at a greater risk of having respiratory issues if she is born prior to 37 weeks. Call it mother’s intuition but I don’t think it’s her time just yet and was surprised to have found myself back in the hospital. She is doing very well cooking; it’s just my body that is having an adverse reaction.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve finally hit my wall of being good spirited about bed rest and hospital stays. It took a month and a half but I’ve finally cracked. It feels like fall was ruined, it’s my favorite time of year and I can’t even enjoy it. I miss not being able to spend as much time with Tom and our kids. I just feel sad. Maybe the coming weeks will be better?

The Waiting Room

That’s where we are at with this pregnancy. Hopeful I don’t take another turn for the worse but praising God that I’ve gotten so much better!

The nurse took my pressure today at the OB’s office and announced 138/88. The Doctor and I looked at each other stunned and ecstatic all at the same time. I think the Doc even asked the nurse “Really??!?!?” It has not been that low in weeks, even though the bottom number is a touch high my doctor was just glad it had come down so much. I still have protein in my urine which is not good but that just comes with the territory of preeclampsia. At the end of my appointment the doc leans against the counter and says “I know you’re feeling better but I still don’t want you up moving around too much!” I kind of chuckled because that would be like me to sneak a load of laundry here and there ;) I assured her I will still be bed ridden until 11/1.

At my ultrasound today Amelia’s fluid levels are looking great and her heart rate was 148. The tech told me that her weight was “approximately five pounds, three ounces.” I laughed on the inside, at that rate she would be eight pounds and I’m highly doubtful if she is bigger than seven and that would be a stretch. I have long babies (both 22″) but Hannah was 5.15 when she was born and Carter 6.10. I would be blown away if Amelia was very much bigger than Carter.

So there you have it, we are at week 33 and with 6 more weeks of bed rest I’m hoping nothing funky happens with Amelia and I’s health to bump us up before our 6 week wait is over :)

The Insulin Bullet

I almost dodged it this pregnancy. With 7 more weeks of baby cooking I was finally put on insulin today. I thought I’d be bummed out, I really wanted to say I made it one pregnancy without gestational diabetes. I did everything I could to stay off insulin but with my new-found bed rest the inactivity made my sugars slightly elevated. Just enough to require insulin.

I’ll still be reporting my blood sugars twice a week to the diabetes center but today was my last appointment and I don’t have to go back until January! I feel like I graduated from the endocrinologist today ;)

All in all  I’d say this is a pretty good day.

Doctors and Hospitals

Friday, I went to the OB’s office for a blood pressure check. With my symptoms (dizzy, blurred vision, headache, shortness of breath) and elevated blood pressure (168/110) I was sent to triage. Not exactly what I was wanting to hear. So Mom and I wander off to the maternity ward and check in to triage. I’m kept in triage for a short time but my pressure went down enough to be sent home.

Sunday rolls around and the same symptoms happen, with very light spotting added on for good measure. I call the doctor and they tell me to go to triage. Off I go again. This time they kept me in the hospital overnight. Not what I was expecting to hear. The doctor on call released me Monday and said to be on bed rest. I was kind of expecting that.

Tuesday I check in with my OB and she confirms that I will not be returning to work and will be placed on bed rest. Officially diagnosing me with mild preeclampsia.  My BP was still on the high side 153/96 or something like that but she lets me go home this time.

From now until Amelia is born I will be on bed rest and will start seeing the OB twice a week for blood pressure checks and bio-physical profiles. If anything worsens and starts to affect her I’ll be having a baby much sooner than November 1st. Although the OB has not changed my surgery day.

Today at the ultrasound appointment my doctor was very concerned about my current status. He doesn’t think I’ll make it to 39 weeks (my c-section day) and said he’d be surprised if I make it to my next appointment with him which is on October 4th. On the bright side Amelia is doing fantastic and I hope and pray it stays that way! She is in the 46th percentile, weighs 3 pounds 12 ounces and her heart rate was 138 which are all good things! I think she looks just like Carter ;)

That’s The Sucks

Today marked my first of many bio-physical profiles. Directly after the ultrasound I had an appointment with the OB; now that I am about 31 weeks I’ll begin to see the doctor every two weeks.

The ultrasound went well, Amelia was doing everything that she was supposed to do, fluid levels looked good, etc. The technician advised us that she weighed approximately 4 pounds. I have my doubts about the weight but I’ll take her word for it, for now. Afterwards we headed down the hall to the OB.

You know the appointment is off to a bad start when  the nurse asks if your blood pressure has been running high. It hadn’t been until today apparently. I had the pleasure of lying on my left side for five minutes, the checked again. BP was still bad so I laid some more and they checked again. Still bad.  Every time they checked it was higher, my final check it was 160/100.  I have some protein in my urine so they sent me for “stat” blood work and I also have a 24 hour urine test in my future. I report back to the OB this Friday to check me again and hear what my labs showed. I don’t know if I should be annoyed or cry. Tom joked with me that we pushed it by having a third and I advised that my “cooker” must be broken. I’m hoping this was a fluke incident and not a sign of preeclampsia :(

Amelia Update

The appointments seemed to be going along well…

Last Wednesday I had an OB appt and was able to schedule my C-Section for 11/1/2011! The next day I had a Fetal Echo Cardiogram at the local Children’s Hospital to monitor the effects of my hypo-thyroid/diabetes on the baby’s heart. That went well and no issues were noted. The day after that I had an appt at the Diabetes doctor and my Hemoglobin A1C is still really good and my levels have been good so no changes with that. Which meant no insulin, hallelujah! My thyroid is still off and is too high so they are raising my medicine to compensate.

Then this Tuesday came and I had my monthly level 2 ultrasound. Everything seemed fine and then during my ultrasound the tech asked if I had any issues at my last appt. Well I didn’t but her question had me quickly realize that when the doctor came to check me out I’d be given some type of bad news. She finished up the ultrasound and advised that Amelia is estimated to weigh 1 pound 4 ounces and is in the 38th percentile. Forty minutes after the tech leaves the exam room the doctor finally shows up. He immediately asks if I know what a “notch” is. Um, no. He goes on to explain that the baby is not getting enough blood flow from the placenta on the left side. He continues with that being where the notch comes in and says that instead of the blood flow being  just “one big gulp” that mine is a “big gulp, a divit and a small gulp to compensate.” I could plainly see what he was talking about on the tv screen so that was helpful to know what I was looking at. He went on to say that this could be a pre-cursor for preeclampsia and that I really needed to rest and relax and be as stress-free as possible (insert laugh here). I asked if there was anything I could do for the “notch” and there isn’t so I think this is a wait and see kind of thing.  I have high hopes that the next visit is “normal” and they’ll tell me there is no longer a sign of a “notch.” So for now all I can do is pray!

Baby Amelia’s Face:



…when I get to, for a moment, pretend to be a stay at home mom. Maybe one day hopefully I’ll get to stay home with the kiddos but for now, me working is a necessary evil.

This year was a stay at home year. This usually occurs on the years I’m pregnant, I kind of like it that way. We stayed home for a day then headed to the beach for a few days. Came home and stayed a day and then the next headed to Sesame Place. Then back home to watch movies, eat popcorn and lounge around like we hadn’t a care in the world! Ooh, we even had my best friend’s baby shower which was of course super fun! Then it was a quiet fourth of July as Tom returned to work and I attempted to shrink the overwhelming list on my DVR. Monday night Hannie had a hard time falling asleep, as soon as she realized it was back to work for me the next day she would not stop crying. After I finally got her settled in bed, I went in my room and started to cry too. I hate leaving my kiddos and I really, really didn’t want to leave them for super stressful work. I guess that’s life and we just got to keep plugging along and praying life might change for the better someday.

As fun as vacation was I think it was an eye opener for me. Hannah’s voice sounds so little still and I enjoyed taking the time to listen to her ramble on. Carter’s legs suddenly looked so long! When did my baby boy turn into a nearly two-year old? I enjoyed snuggling in bed with my husband at a normal time of day. I just wish life could be like that everyday! Tom and I were able to talk face to face for once which was terrific. We even hammered out a baby name for our upcoming girl. We both really liked Amelia Sophia but couldn’t bring ourselves to give this child the initials A.S.S.  So, we decided on Amelia Jane instead! Apparently, come to find out Amelia is a family name on Tom’s side and Jane is a family name on my side which was an added bonus we hadn’t realized.

I am going to make a pointed effort from here on out to make more family time and memories. The years are slipping by entirely too fast!

Bean is A…

Tom and I debated whether or not to share but we couldn’t torture our friends for another five months ;)

We are expecting another GIRL! We are very excited about this, I knew it was a girl (mother’s intuition) from the beginning so it was nice to have that confirmed by the ultrasound tech. She was not so cooperative on the picture-taking.. Her chin is tucked to her chest so it’s a little hard to see that definition.

Of course I totally went out today and bought a little outfit to bring her home in, I’m just so excited ;)

(My Mother-in-Law predicted this one long ago…she was right!)

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