Carter, Now Sugar-Free!

Ugh, that’s where I’m at right now.

I’ve heard it all when it comes to my sweet boy and I’m beginning to think I should rename him Handful or Pistol or Something Else since that is how he’s most often described. The descriptions annoy and frustrate me. My son is not bad or mean. And I don’t appreciate grown adults saying that in front of him or about him in front of their children. He’s a two-year old boy who is extremely active and entirely too smart for his own good.

I’ve been praying a lot more lately about my Buddy. Along with prayer I’ve been scouring the Internets and giving quite a bit of thought on how to help Carter with self-control, hyper-ness and occasionally hitting (hangs-head-in-shame).

I feel like I’m a reasonably intelligent and logical person and I see that discipline (we’ve tried every different way) does not seem to faze my boy in the slightest. I am also smart enough to realize that no one is perfect and I am speaking to myself when I say that. I’ve been reading about ADHD. It runs in Tom’s family so I know there is a very strong chance that he may have it too. I also tell myself he’s two years old, he’s supposed to be hyper. Then I begin to wonder, when is it too much? At what point do you call the pediatrician in to have him evaluated?

My internal Mama Bear is telling me something might be “wrong.” On the flip side the one thing I haven’t tried is eliminating sugars. This has become my next step. I’ve taken down tons of notes, installed new child-proofing devices around the house and I’m ready to give this a good fight. I’ve been very deliberate and repetitive in my new discipline routine. I’ve also added a supplement of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. My fingers are crossed as we venture into discovering what triggers my sweet angel to seemingly go crazy.


For Serious?

The other night Mom and I were out running errands. We left Home Depot and headed to the dollar store. By this time Carter was getting hungry so I freed Hannah from her car seat and grabbed Carter out of his. I sat back down and changed his diaper, just as I began nursing him (in the car mind you) Hannah starts to take her diaper off too. I didn’t want to stop feeding him and after a few times of telling her not to take her diaper off, I figured all would be well until he was done eating. Just then as my little princess is standing in the passenger seat I hear, “Pee.” “What did you say baby?” Pee!” “Let Mama see.” “Pee!” You guessed it folks, she peed right there on the seat of my two month old van and I was trapped in the other seat with a baby on my boob, trapped like a rat. I managed with my one free arm to find tissues and wipe up the pee. I asked Han to stand on the floor mats, which she did, incase she needed to pee more before I could diaper her. Thankfully my mom came back just as I was done sopping up my pee seat!

Lesson learned for the day: Never trust a two-year old with no diaper on.

An Interesting Week

Monday, Tom had gone to have his vasectomy consultation, he’s pretty adamant about getting snipped. We talked it over and part of  me is okay with it and part of me still feels unsure. He is totally sure, so much so that he is going a couple of days after his birthday to have it done.

Yesterday was a debacle, Tom and I went to my last OB appointment and then afterwards we went to the last ultrasound appointment together. The OB went great, we are both ready for the C on Monday. The ultrasound was just obnoxious. Everything was fine, heart rate was good. Carter was doing his practice breathing  the whole time. Then it was time to look for the body movements and he was sound asleep. He didn’t kick or punch or wriggle his body, he was out like a light. I was perfectly fine with this but the policy is that if after 30 minutes the baby doesn’t move they then put you on a fetal monitor. So 30 minutes comes and goes with no movements. She puts me on the monitor and as soon as she shut the door he started going berserk! My stomach was visibly moving, I could feel him kicking and wriggling around. It was almost comical. Then he moved off of the monitor and she comes back in. He again does not move a muscle, it’s like he knew the woman was there and he did not care for her one bit! After an hour of being there we finally got the all clear to go home.

Later that night we headed to Babies R Us and Hannah cried through the entire store. I couldn’t concentrate on looking at anything so I got what I could remember and we headed home. I swear she knows the baby is coming. She has really been wanting held A LOT lately and by me only. She has also been crying a lot more over anything. She doesn’t give a warning just starts crying about whatever it is that she wants. I guess she’s trying to get all the attention now before she has to share it with another!

Busy, Busy, Busy

There is so much is going on right now. It is a tad overwhelming!

Mom is out of the hospital. They released her today and she is really feeling a lot better! Ended up she had a blood clot that was not allowing her urine to come out properly. This then caused a back-up into her kidney, the doctor put a stint in between her kidney and bladder which then released the trapped urine and blood. Unfortunately, the stintis painful and will be in there for at least a month if not more. Other than that she is feeling pretty good. They even gave her a pint of blood while she was there and that seems to have helped dramatically.

We are currently buying our house…finally! My parents currently own it. When we sold our house in November we were already living here since about April and just never got our butts in gear. Now with the interest rates so low we figuered we better get it together before they get out of control again. I realize now why my feet were dragging…the whole process is a huge pain in the butt! The things you forget in-between buying houses, so annoying.

Hannah is doing well, she seems to be talking a lot more. She can say Mammie (my mom), Molly (the dog), Uh-oh, Mama or Mum, Daddy, So big, Hi, Bye and the list goes on. It is amazing how you will say something and she will rattle it back only it’s a little hard to understand but at least she is trying. It is just amazing watching her grow.

The baby is doing well, I can feel him kick quite often. I am suspicious that boys move/kick way more than girls. I don’t remember Hannah moving near as much as Carter does. I can’t wait to meet him, I only have about three more months left! Can you believe it?

Work is overwhelmingly busy. I was put in charge of a new project/function and most days I am ready to leave and never come back. The reality is I work 9-10 hour days and am exhausted and want to go to bed at 8:30. I actually had to put a sign up on Tuesday that I would be unable to answer questions until 12:30 and to hold all questions until that time. Most of my co-workers thought it was hilarious, the question-askers got there feelings hurt. Oh well, first time I had done it and I think it got the point across to stop coming to my desk every 10 minutes with a different form of the same question. I wonder if some people even try to problem solve on their own!

My niece is getting so big! She is six this year and just started First Grade! So exciting for her! She is such a sweet little girl, she had super long hair that was down to her butt or further and gave 10 inches away to locks of love. It is amazing how sweet and caring she is.

Her sister who is two just started dance class, this should lead to some interesting stories. She is a very stubborn little girl so I can just imagine how she is doing. She is really quite the comical little one!

We are working on the house again bit by bit. Hopefully we will get to tileing my basement landing this weekend. We started to do it last weekend and didn’t have enough tile. Don’t ask me how we did that, we have probably had this tile for over a year and all this time we didn’t have enough! We are also going to start on the baby’s room as soon as we get the window we ordered. It most likely will not be in until September 25th. As soon as that is in we can start painting the walls. I am so excited!

An Ultrasound Day

Here is my little guy, he is doing well. Everything measured well and whatever was going on with the blood flow to my uterus seems to have cleared up because she said it looked fine today. He weighed about 1lb and 5ozs.

Picture 009-edit

The front of his face, just the nose, lips and chin.

Picture 010-edit


This is what I heard all day from none other that my sweet little baby girl, humph! Mean as a snake she is.

At first I quietly laughed to myself. Little kids saying inappropriate things in the right context gets me every time. I know, real mature on my part. She was saying it sassy towards Tom and I, yelling it really because she always seems to be yelling about something. Then after her bath someone had knocked on the door. I was trying to lotion her and get her PJ’s on when the dog starts barking at the mysterious knocker. I refrained from yelling shut up to the dog since Hannah would hear me and start saying it more. Well it didn’t take long for her to yell down at the dog from my bedroom, “SHUT UP!” Then proceeded to tell the dog to shut up about twenty more times. It was pretty funny, of course I did discipline her because I don’t want her yelling shut up and stop it to everyone she sees.

Later that night I called my Mom and asked her if Dad said shut up or stop it to Hannah while she was there Sunday night and Monday morning. She immediately starts to laugh because she can see where I am going with this. Of course my Dad denied saying it but I’m still suspicious. I have heard her tell her to “Shut it up” or the “Shut up that wailing.” I’m on to him, lol!

“Stop it” I know she got from Tom and I because she hears that and “No” about 47,000 times a day to no avail. She honestly doesn’t listen at all to discipline. She’ll cry for a minute or so and after that she’ll go right back to doing it. I’ve tried swatting her butt, swatting her hand, time out, removing her from the area. She will not be fazed. I was advised to pinch her inner thigh but that makes me kind of nervous. I absolutely hate being pinched and can’t quite bring myself to do that to her. Part of me says it is just her age and she’ll listen better when she gets older. Is this true for the most part or am I being a bit of a softy? What are things that you have tried with your kids? I am up for any input on what has worked for other people out there.

Thursday 5/21/2009

The baby is doing very well! The heart rate was 185. Today was cool, you could see the head, legs and umbilical cord. While we were looking in on him you could see him wiggling around and kicking his leg! So magical!

Picture 003-edit

Yolk sac is the white ball with the black circle. Next to that you can see the bottom portion of the body. The umbilical cord is leading down. Head is to the far right-furthest from the yolk sac. The leg is right on top of the umbilical cord. Measured 8 weeks 5 days.

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