Operation Organization

Last weekend my Dad and I worked on the family room. I seem to get along best with my Dad on projects like this because we have the same mindset. We’re practically twins ;)

Dad and I set forth on cleaning my family room which had somehow began to look like a room that a hoarder lived in. We threw away some things, hung shelves, cleaned some more and finally ended up with a pretty decent looking room. After Dad went home I organized DVDs and began putting them on the shelves, hung pictures, put out Tom and I’s unity candle and a few more odds and ends. In between organizing the family room I worked on sanding, staining, sanding, staining and sanding some more. Voila! I had a completed handrail.

This weekend I hung more shelves and put the books up. Finding bookends proved futile so for now I just have heavy stuff sitting on the shelf to keep my books from falling in the floor. I’m itching to do more will need more money for the big items like a small loveseat/big chair and a TV stand. Once we have that this room will be all set for the kid’s toys!

Good News!

So I mentioned once before that we are in the process of buying the house we currently live in from my parents. I got good news as I was about to leave work yesterday, our loan was approved and we are going to settlement on Monday the 28th! We got a super interest rate of 4.875% and our mortgage man even thanked us for having good credit. I gave myself a pat on the back for that!

My BF also found out that the offer she put down on the house she wanted to buy was approved! Good news for everybody yesterday!

Busy, Busy, Busy

There is so much is going on right now. It is a tad overwhelming!

Mom is out of the hospital. They released her today and she is really feeling a lot better! Ended up she had a blood clot that was not allowing her urine to come out properly. This then caused a back-up into her kidney, the doctor put a stint in between her kidney and bladder which then released the trapped urine and blood. Unfortunately, the stintis painful and will be in there for at least a month if not more. Other than that she is feeling pretty good. They even gave her a pint of blood while she was there and that seems to have helped dramatically.

We are currently buying our house…finally! My parents currently own it. When we sold our house in November we were already living here since about April and just never got our butts in gear. Now with the interest rates so low we figuered we better get it together before they get out of control again. I realize now why my feet were dragging…the whole process is a huge pain in the butt! The things you forget in-between buying houses, so annoying.

Hannah is doing well, she seems to be talking a lot more. She can say Mammie (my mom), Molly (the dog), Uh-oh, Mama or Mum, Daddy, So big, Hi, Bye and the list goes on. It is amazing how you will say something and she will rattle it back only it’s a little hard to understand but at least she is trying. It is just amazing watching her grow.

The baby is doing well, I can feel him kick quite often. I am suspicious that boys move/kick way more than girls. I don’t remember Hannah moving near as much as Carter does. I can’t wait to meet him, I only have about three more months left! Can you believe it?

Work is overwhelmingly busy. I was put in charge of a new project/function and most days I am ready to leave and never come back. The reality is I work 9-10 hour days and am exhausted and want to go to bed at 8:30. I actually had to put a sign up on Tuesday that I would be unable to answer questions until 12:30 and to hold all questions until that time. Most of my co-workers thought it was hilarious, the question-askers got there feelings hurt. Oh well, first time I had done it and I think it got the point across to stop coming to my desk every 10 minutes with a different form of the same question. I wonder if some people even try to problem solve on their own!

My niece is getting so big! She is six this year and just started First Grade! So exciting for her! She is such a sweet little girl, she had super long hair that was down to her butt or further and gave 10 inches away to locks of love. It is amazing how sweet and caring she is.

Her sister who is two just started dance class, this should lead to some interesting stories. She is a very stubborn little girl so I can just imagine how she is doing. She is really quite the comical little one!

We are working on the house again bit by bit. Hopefully we will get to tileing my basement landing this weekend. We started to do it last weekend and didn’t have enough tile. Don’t ask me how we did that, we have probably had this tile for over a year and all this time we didn’t have enough! We are also going to start on the baby’s room as soon as we get the window we ordered. It most likely will not be in until September 25th. As soon as that is in we can start painting the walls. I am so excited!

Ewwie Kazooie

Today I needed to get Hannah in the bath tub really quickly before bedtime. Tom is normally home at night and we tag team her but tonight it was just me. I begin by turning the bath water on and then rushing to get all of the other necessary items…soap, shampoo, lotion, change of clothes, etc. I had only made it to the soap and lotion a mere three feet away and I feel water dripping on my foot. I thought to myself, huh…Hannah must have reached her hand into the water.  Then I feel a lot more water, I look down and the child has a wad of wet toilet paper in her hand. I thought to myself are you serious she must have threw the toilet paper roll in the the bath. I rush into the bathroom with this wet wad of paper in my hand only to discover that the toilet paper roll was indeed intact. I look to my right and see that Hannah had decided it would be a great idea to stick her little hand in to the toilet and grab the toilet paper mommy just used. GROSS! I now have toilet-piss water in my hand, on Hannie and all over the floor and bath rug. Meanwhile I am trying to get a bathtub prepared. As I cuss my stupid toilet that never flushes right…I did indeed flush but was in a hurry and didn’t make sure that my bi-polar toilet actually did it’s job. I quickly swab the floor with a paper towel and jerk up the bath rug. Guess who will be unexpectedly mopping and washing there bath rug, oh yeah, that’s right, me! She’s lucky she’s so darn cute!  ;-)

Second disgusting thing of the day, which actually occured yesterday but wasn’t confirmed until today…Termites! Seriously!

Tom went to let the dog out yesterday afternoon around 4:00 and discovered a mass of flying insects that had died near our back sliding glass door, inside and outside. He hollars for me to come down and take a look. I immediately knew these are termites. We had treated termites and ants last year because the house was just infested with ants and as more of a precautionary measure since we had seen a mud tunnel on the side of the house we bit the bullet and treated for termites. Termite treatment is expensive…so now we have them again and the man told us that we shouldn’t see them again that what he uses is the best. So of course I immediately call the man yesterday and let him calmly know that I think we have termites. He thought they could also be swarming ants so he would have to come over and take a look  just to be certain. Well of course today’s diagnosis is that they are indeed termites, he genuiely seemed like he felt bad that we had them again and still swore by his product…he was very re-assuring. So Monday we are going to have to have termites treated again. I hope they get them all this time, unfortunately we live on what I refer to as the “wet side of the street” for whatever reason the sun just doesn’t shine well on my part of the street. This has led to a lot of fun things like the ant invasion of 08‘, termites and to top it all off a moldy damp basement…fun times!

It is time’s like these that I am grateful to have an exterminator come out quarterly and spray for ants and even more grateful that I still have a warranty on my termite treatment. I just hope for my sanity’s sake we get this all straightened out, I am not someone who is terrified of bugs but I would appreciate if they limited themselves to living outdoors only.

Hot As Blue Blazes!

Our air conditioner broke, that’s right, I had central air and it was taken away just like that. So I am sweating to death and praying for some relief. Unfortunately we are in the middle of a heat wave which I am sure will be the first of many this summer, lucky me! We immediately called out our friend to look at the unit since he is in HVAC and of course we need a total and complete new system. Our unit thing in the basement is a “dinosaur” and apparently the unit outside is “the cheapest crap you can buy.” It was the only thing we hadn’t replaced so I guess we can’t be too surprised. Saturday morning I thought it was a blessing the thing did work. It lasted until sometime Sunday morning because the thermostat read 72′ when I woke up and checked it. ‘Tis my life.

So thank you money pit, thank you for another $3,000-$5,000 that I need to fix the air.