Carter, Now Sugar-Free!

Ugh, that’s where I’m at right now.

I’ve heard it all when it comes to my sweet boy and I’m beginning to think I should rename him Handful or Pistol or Something Else since that is how he’s most often described. The descriptions annoy and frustrate me. My son is not bad or mean. And I don’t appreciate grown adults saying that in front of him or about him in front of their children. He’s a two-year old boy who is extremely active and entirely too smart for his own good.

I’ve been praying a lot more lately about my Buddy. Along with prayer I’ve been scouring the Internets and giving quite a bit of thought on how to help Carter with self-control, hyper-ness and occasionally hitting (hangs-head-in-shame).

I feel like I’m a reasonably intelligent and logical person and I see that discipline (we’ve tried every different way) does not seem to faze my boy in the slightest. I am also smart enough to realize that no one is perfect and I am speaking to myself when I say that. I’ve been reading about ADHD. It runs in Tom’s family so I know there is a very strong chance that he may have it too. I also tell myself he’s two years old, he’s supposed to be hyper. Then I begin to wonder, when is it too much? At what point do you call the pediatrician in to have him evaluated?

My internal Mama Bear is telling me something might be “wrong.” On the flip side the one thing I haven’t tried is eliminating sugars. This has become my next step. I’ve taken down tons of notes, installed new child-proofing devices around the house and I’m ready to give this a good fight. I’ve been very deliberate and repetitive in my new discipline routine. I’ve also added a supplement of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. My fingers are crossed as we venture into discovering what triggers my sweet angel to seemingly go crazy.


…when I get to, for a moment, pretend to be a stay at home mom. Maybe one day hopefully I’ll get to stay home with the kiddos but for now, me working is a necessary evil.

This year was a stay at home year. This usually occurs on the years I’m pregnant, I kind of like it that way. We stayed home for a day then headed to the beach for a few days. Came home and stayed a day and then the next headed to Sesame Place. Then back home to watch movies, eat popcorn and lounge around like we hadn’t a care in the world! Ooh, we even had my best friend’s baby shower which was of course super fun! Then it was a quiet fourth of July as Tom returned to work and I attempted to shrink the overwhelming list on my DVR. Monday night Hannie had a hard time falling asleep, as soon as she realized it was back to work for me the next day she would not stop crying. After I finally got her settled in bed, I went in my room and started to cry too. I hate leaving my kiddos and I really, really didn’t want to leave them for super stressful work. I guess that’s life and we just got to keep plugging along and praying life might change for the better someday.

As fun as vacation was I think it was an eye opener for me. Hannah’s voice sounds so little still and I enjoyed taking the time to listen to her ramble on. Carter’s legs suddenly looked so long! When did my baby boy turn into a nearly two-year old? I enjoyed snuggling in bed with my husband at a normal time of day. I just wish life could be like that everyday! Tom and I were able to talk face to face for once which was terrific. We even hammered out a baby name for our upcoming girl. We both really liked Amelia Sophia but couldn’t bring ourselves to give this child the initials A.S.S.  So, we decided on Amelia Jane instead! Apparently, come to find out Amelia is a family name on Tom’s side and Jane is a family name on my side which was an added bonus we hadn’t realized.

I am going to make a pointed effort from here on out to make more family time and memories. The years are slipping by entirely too fast!

My Sweet Boy

I can’t believe my baby boy is one year old! This time last year I was worried about c-sections and life with a newborn AND a toddler. Now I couldn’t picture my life any other way! You started dancing recently, you eat “big people” food and you seriously need a hair cut! ;) Your my Mister Buddy and I love how inquisitive you are and that you ALWAYS want to be with your sister. I can’t wait to see what this year holds for you as you will surely have many more joys before you! Mommy and Daddy love you so much! Happy Birthday Carter!

I <3 NY

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting NYC. It was so wonderful and almost magical. We stepped out of the train station and I immediately had a smile on my face and couldn’t help but stand in amazement of the impressive buildings and the hustle and bustle that surrounded me. Our first stop was of course to a Starbucks because we all had to relieve ourselves and needed a warm beverage to keep us from freezing to death. After that we grabbed a hot dog from a street vendor, walked to fifth avenue, stood in awe at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, watched street performers, meandered around the Plaza Hotel, perused FAO Schwartz, ate at Pop Burger (delicious!), walked to Central Park, watched the ice skaters, ogled Tiffany & Co, fought our way to get a glimpse of the Rockefeller Tree, walked 4,000,000,000 miles to Times Square and then an additional 4,000,000,000,000 miles back to the train station. I even spotted Laura Linney and she smiled at me, I just love her! It was a terrific drama-free day and I would do it again-in a New York Minute ;)

Photo Credit: Kaila Regina Wedding Photography

Why You Should Give An Opinion When Asked…

I always, always, ALWAYS ask my husband his opinion on things. His typical reply about 85% of the time is “I don’t care, whatever you think.” This is his first mistake and mine for thinking that is really his opinion. It never fails, once decisions get made I will typically get some sort of negative feedback.  Shopping for Christmas is no different.

At my leisure yesterday I took my lunch break as a prime opportunity to get my Christmas shopping done. It was easy, convenient and fast; bonus, Toys ‘R Us has free shipping going on right now. Score! I got everything done and then sent my husband an email with the name of the toy and a picture. A little while later I get a call:

T: “You got Carter cool stuff and Hannah gay stuff.”

H: “And by gay you mean the games I bought? I got those because she doesn’t play by herself so this way I can play with her more.”

T: “She doesn’t play by herself because you bought her gay toys.”

H: “Should I get her something else?”

T: “No, what you got is fine. Carter’s is just cooler.”

I love the Christmas season, don’t you?

Are We Sixteen Again?

This morning I feel like the girl trying to hide the hickie on her neck from her parents. Only now I’m 25 and my parents are in the form of  my boss.

My husband, ever the comedian, said to me late last night around midnight. “You might want to put some cover up on your neck.” To which I replied “What, I don’t have cover up.” Which may or may not have been followed with a long rant about how I work in an office and I’m a professional and I can’t very well have hickies on my neck, ahem. So this morning all I can think about is how for the remainder of the week I’ll be walking around feeling like a Jezebel with this gross thing glaring off my neck, nice.

Did I mention I had planned to renew my driver’s license today? That won’t be happening now.

“Thinking” May Not Always Be A Good Thing

Aunt Flo came to see me today which makes me think that could be why I was SO emotional this week. I haven’t had Flo visit since I had Carter so it makes perfect sense that it would come when we planned to go to Sesame Place and on a date night. Tis my life I guess, I’ll just try to be grateful it came at all.

I’ve had the weirdest dreams/nightmares lately. I dreamt that the rapture happened on 12/21/2012 and Hannah, Carter and I floated off to heaven and Tom was left on Earth. Then the next night I dreamt that Hannah and I were being gunned down in our neighborhood and a bomb hit me in the face. I was then pinned to the ground and couldn’t get up until my attacker was right next to me. Thankfully these “dreams” end pretty quickly to the tune of my annoying alarm clock!

I’m still working out and eating healthy, I hope that my the end of the month I will reach the 15 pound mark! I lost a total of five pounds this week which I couldn’t have been more proud of! The week prior I had lost 1.5 lbs and to be honest was feeling a little discouraged. I kept pressing on and it paid off big time! I finally reached out via email to the counselor  so I hope to hear from her on Tuesday. I am super nervous, I’ve never had any type of counseling so this is all unfamiliar territory. I am excited to see how it affects my life!

I started reading “Women, Food and God” by Geneen Roth,  already I have cried reading it and I’m only on the second chapter! The points she makes about food addiction and why you react to food is so real. I would recommend everyone to read it, even if you don’t think you are addicted to food!

For Serious?

The other night Mom and I were out running errands. We left Home Depot and headed to the dollar store. By this time Carter was getting hungry so I freed Hannah from her car seat and grabbed Carter out of his. I sat back down and changed his diaper, just as I began nursing him (in the car mind you) Hannah starts to take her diaper off too. I didn’t want to stop feeding him and after a few times of telling her not to take her diaper off, I figured all would be well until he was done eating. Just then as my little princess is standing in the passenger seat I hear, “Pee.” “What did you say baby?” Pee!” “Let Mama see.” “Pee!” You guessed it folks, she peed right there on the seat of my two month old van and I was trapped in the other seat with a baby on my boob, trapped like a rat. I managed with my one free arm to find tissues and wipe up the pee. I asked Han to stand on the floor mats, which she did, incase she needed to pee more before I could diaper her. Thankfully my mom came back just as I was done sopping up my pee seat!

Lesson learned for the day: Never trust a two-year old with no diaper on.

Big Girls and Sleeping Babies

In the very near future we are going to upgrade Hannah to a full-sized mattress. When I pictured in my head her room I always thought of  Mermaids! I looked and looked last year and couldn’t find a single mermaid and if I did find one the bedding wasn’t what I had pictured in my head for her. Today, since I am now in the position to purchase a mattress for her I went ahead and started looking for bedding again.  I jumped on google and typed in ‘Mermaid Bedding,’ with no real hope of finding something for her. Much to my surprise this popped up:

I could hardly believe it! It is adorable and age-appropriate.  I bit the bullet and went ahead and placed my order. Operation Hannah’s Room Re-do will soon commence! I’m so excited to be re-doing her room and anxious to see how she handles a ‘Big-Girl Bed!’

Mister Carter is doing so well lately! He is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  Thank God!!!

Every night with the exception of Tuesday he slept through the night without a peep! Tuesday I think we threw him off by going to a dinner party and messing with his routine. Thankfully his routine is back on track now and he has continued to sleep through the night! He goes to bed around 10:30 PM and wakes up around 8:30AM. I have noticed that when he gets up a little bit earlier, then Hannah will sleep later than normal and vice versa. I think they might be conspiring against us!  j/k

I can tell my attitude has greatly improved since I have been able to get much-needed sleep!

An Interesting Week

Monday, Tom had gone to have his vasectomy consultation, he’s pretty adamant about getting snipped. We talked it over and part of  me is okay with it and part of me still feels unsure. He is totally sure, so much so that he is going a couple of days after his birthday to have it done.

Yesterday was a debacle, Tom and I went to my last OB appointment and then afterwards we went to the last ultrasound appointment together. The OB went great, we are both ready for the C on Monday. The ultrasound was just obnoxious. Everything was fine, heart rate was good. Carter was doing his practice breathing  the whole time. Then it was time to look for the body movements and he was sound asleep. He didn’t kick or punch or wriggle his body, he was out like a light. I was perfectly fine with this but the policy is that if after 30 minutes the baby doesn’t move they then put you on a fetal monitor. So 30 minutes comes and goes with no movements. She puts me on the monitor and as soon as she shut the door he started going berserk! My stomach was visibly moving, I could feel him kicking and wriggling around. It was almost comical. Then he moved off of the monitor and she comes back in. He again does not move a muscle, it’s like he knew the woman was there and he did not care for her one bit! After an hour of being there we finally got the all clear to go home.

Later that night we headed to Babies R Us and Hannah cried through the entire store. I couldn’t concentrate on looking at anything so I got what I could remember and we headed home. I swear she knows the baby is coming. She has really been wanting held A LOT lately and by me only. She has also been crying a lot more over anything. She doesn’t give a warning just starts crying about whatever it is that she wants. I guess she’s trying to get all the attention now before she has to share it with another!

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