The Week of Z


A Zebra with a Zipper and A Zebra in a Zoo:

Caterpillar and Butterfly:

Crazy Craft Collage:

Hannah’s school had a picnic in the park for the Pre3 and Pre4 kids. The kids had a lot of fun playing at the “big” park:

Hannah started a bean plant a couple of weeks back at school and it finally started to develop:

So we planted it:

And then the cat(s) ate it. :( I tried to prop up Mr. Bean Plant with a pencil but I think it’s beyond the point of saving:

Saturday we went to the mall to see Mickey Mouse OR Minnie Mouse. The characters alternated so there was no guarantee which one you would get to meet. Hannah wanted Minnie and I thought for sure Carter would love to see Mickey. Well, after a little over an hour waiting we get five minutes from the front and Minnie switches with Mickey. Hannah was devastated. Carter was completely TERRIFIED of Mickey. He was also terrified of the Easter Bunny which I didn’t even think about until after the Mickey experience. I think I’ll now remember that he hates costumed people.

Later on Saturday night we were all hanging out at my Parent’s house. Tom was at work and my Brother and his wife just ran to the grocery so it was just my parents and I with all five kids. Hannah, Carter and my niece Jordan are playing in the yard. They are running from Carter who had the hose and just laughing and playing. When the girls wanted to out run Carter or take a break they would come in the screened in porch. I was sitting on the porch keeping an eye on them when my niece comes through the door. A little wind catcher thing (very light) falls off and bumps right next to her. We both look at each other and laugh since that seemed weird. Not two seconds later Hannah comes through the door and in an instant a kerosene lamp from the shelf above the door falls off and slams right on to her head. I screamed. Glass went everywhere and both girls started crying. We get them both out of the glass and start checking Hannah who by now has blood running past her ear and down her neck. I find the cut on her head and knew instantly that she needed some stitches. My niece is inconsolable and just keeps saying over and over again, “Hannah, Hannah, Hannah….”  Hannah is crying and telling me she is so scared to get stitches and that she doesn’t want to leave her cousins. It was pandemonium. As I’m caring Hannah down the stairs to leave she tells me she needs to use the bathroom. We are heading to the powder room and Carter who is crouched on his knees is spraying water into the house! There was a good quarter-inch of water from what I could quickly see. I yell for my Dad to get Carter since I’m helping Hannah.

Mom and I rush out the door and proceed to spend the next five hours waiting and dragging the whole miserable experience out for Hannah. I got her to calm down by showing her my thumb scar where I had about four stitches put in when I was only 2. Ironically, I reminded her that Gampie had stitches that morning and now he is doing just fine. Finally the hospital finds 15 minutes of time to give us to slap three stitches on her head. Around 11:00 at night we finally make it home. We all ate dinner and not long after went to bed. Phew!

Thank God she is fine and nothing more serious happened. My family has the weirdest luck. Glass falls out of a clock and cuts my Dad’s leg at the bed bath and beyond which resulted in four stitches and not four hours after he was stitched up Hannah has a kerosene lamp fall on her head and gets three stitches. Bizarre!


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