The Week of X

April 30-May 4:

I had been dreading the week of X since the beginning of school…show and tell was going to be awfully hard! We ended up printing pictures off the internet (thanks google images!) one of an “X-ray Fish” and an “Xanus’ Hummingbird.”

Xantusia and a Xylophone:

We baked cookies and while we were waiting for the oven to heat up, Carter disappeared. When I called him he came…out of the kitchen. I go in to find that he took a bite of nearly half the cookie dough shapes before we had the chance to pop them in the oven. I thought it was hysterical but Hannah was less than amused ;)

I got a hair cut and changed my color to a “normal” color. My department at work released a new dress code policy with the addition of hair styles and colors. I took the subtle hint that they didn’t enjoy my purple bangs near as much as I did!

Carter’s new favorite thing is to wear anything on his head:

Hannah had a play date with her “best friend.” It’s amazing how well they play together and they talk about each other all the time (in a positive light) when they are not around. Her Mom and I have been friends since we were kids and she once lived in the same neighborhood. I think it’s a blessing that we have daughters that are one month apart and get along swimmingly!


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