The Week of O

We started the week of O with a bang with the inferno. Once I got to the kiddos after the fire Hannah still wanted to go to school so I loaded everyone into our “little car” a Chrysler Sebring and drove across the road to get home. Then piled everyone out of that car into my mother’s van, another Dodge Caravan (I feel so safe, ha!) and finally drove to school. Thankfully, she was only half an hour late. I say thankfully becuase she really, really, REALLY loves school so if she had missed school on top of the fire she would have been more upset. By the time we got home Tom was back from the scene so I had a little bit of time to call the insurance company while Hannah wasn’t around to hear even more about the fire. Very stressful day to say the least. At school Hannah made:

An orange toothbrush painting and an orange octopus

She missed school the Thursday prior and her teachers sent home the projects that she missed. Hannah had a hard time sleeping that night so we stayed up and made:

A necktie and a number train

We tried Amelia out on cereal, she was not the least bit amused:

My Mom came home this weekend and we had a fun time heading up to Millville, New Jersey with all the kids to go to the Hobby Lobby. Hannah LOVES my neices (her cousins) and had a blast picking out crafts with them to do later at Mammie’s house for their sleepover. They have the best Mammie ;) We even found the last of the Bennigans and drug all five of the kids in for a meal. Yum, I love that place!

Saturday night once we got home my Mom did my nails with her new UV nail kit. So cool. Her nails were still going strong and the paint had been on for two weeks. My nails have lasted about a week, but I’ve been washing dishes, cleaning toilets and touching a million sheets of paper a day at work so I’m a little harder on my hands. The finished product:


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