The Week of S

Big S, Little S and Sailboat:

Starfish covered in Sand  and  a Squirrel with a Spoon:

Amelia eats applesauce:

Family Pictures:

When Carter asks why he is not in very many pictures, I will show him this:

On Thursday I started to attend the Real Marriage bible study group at church. I might have subconsciously been avoiding joining. Even though I really wanted too, a part of me was a little scared.

Friday was a night out with my two best friends. I’ve come to the conclusion that martinis might be a wee bit too strong for me. This may have resulted in my best friend Emily driving me home, ahem.

Saturday we did Easter pictures and then Sunday was church. Not only did my Mom come home for the weekend but Tom by some miracle had a weekend off from work. I love when he’s home on the weekends.

The Week of R

Ribbons, Rabbits, Rattles and Rapunzel:

Rainbow and Rebecca:

This was a nice quiet week. The only excitement was me getting my permanent crown put on the tooth that broke a month ago. That’s probably bad that the highlight of my week was a new crown, lol!


Running Dreams

I want to run.

I’ve been quiet about that goal up until now. I think I told my husband, trainer and best friend(s). In that order. I’ve been trying to set a lot of goals for myself lately and that is more of a long term goal.

Part of me is ready to get out there and slowly start to get into a running groove. Another side of me is saying you are going to kill your body running at your current weight. I talked to my trainer today and he advised that I should be 10 pounds from my goal weight before I start running because I will annihilate my knees. Kind of what I thought.
So, I’ll hold on to my desire to run and hopefully this time next year you’ll see me RUNNING!

I’ve never been so excited about a goal that it going to be so challenging.

The Week of Q

We started the week celebrating Hannie’s birthday! I played hookie from work and we all went out to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then headed to Boomer’s to play around for a couple of hours. The kids had a blast!

Phew, some of these letters make it hard to come up with an item for show and tell!

Quails and Quilts, we also brought a quilt for show and tell.


Queen and (more) Quilts. For show and tell we brought a quarter.

Hannah was very excited to share her birthday with her school friends. On Tuesday she brought in homemade cupcakes and treat bags that we had put together. She picked a lollipop from the treasure chest and had class picture day. Needless to say she had a very busy and exciting day Tuesday!

While Han was at school, Tom and I went to his Mom-Mom’s service. I am very grateful that my Bestie was able to watch Carter and Amelia for us while we went.

Amelia and Marcus, best buddies!:

My Mama came home for the weekend on Thursday night! Yay! Since I had off Friday I drove to Philly to pick her up. As she’s getting in the car I see a parking cone. I asked her if she thought we’d clear the cone and she agreed. As soon as I pull off I hear a scraping noise and it sounded like we had a flat tire. Then the car stops, oh boy. I slammed the car into park, then back into drive and gunned it. It drives, phew! I pull into the short-term parking and jump out to look at the car. THE PARKING CONE! Somehow I ran over a different parking cone that I never even saw and it was jammed so bad I thought I might have needed to jack the car up to get it out. After a few fits of laughter I finally heman-ed the cone out and we were on our way!

Friday we went to American Girl as a family (My Mom, My Brother, His Wife and girls, Tom, Hannah and I). I know my Mom enjoyed spending the time with her kids and the older grand kids. My doll of a sister-in-law, Karly,  stayed behind to watch Carter and Amelia (I just love her). We had a great time doll shopping and having lunch in the American Girl Bistro. The food was super yummy and the cute things for the dolls to “eat” with were too cute!

Saturday Hannah and I spent time together at the salon. I changed my color to purple, lavender and pink in the front and Han got a trim and her hair curled. Her curled hair reminded me of Shirley Temple!

It was a VERY busy week!

The Week of P

Tuesday Hannah had fun times at “big girl school” and worked on:

Pig, Puppy and Porcupine:

Wednesday Tommy’s Mom-Mom passed on. Very sad, she had suffered a long time with Alzheimer’s. I wish I could say more about her but I didn’t really know her and met her only one time at my bridal shower in 2004 and haven’t seen her since. :(

On Thursday Hannah worked on:

Purple-potato-painting, a Penguin eating Popcorn, Hand-Print snowflake and of course brought her penguin-pillow-pet for show-and-tell.

Thursday, Tom and I met with a lawyer to see what our next step should be. We did not have gap insurance and my concerns were confirmed by my claims specialist. What they are offering me for my car is not enough to pay the loan off. So not cool. I’ll be waiting to see what happens with this debacle, the attorney is going to reach out to Chrysler to try to recoup my money since my van is still under warranty, let’s cross our finger and toes.

As usual Fridays were dance class and I’ve decided I just need to not talk to the other parents because I just end up with my foot in my mouth. The last time I tried to interact with a parent I said their child’s name wrong even though I knew what it was and as soon as I said the name I knew I had said it incorrectly. Todays faux pas, I asked one of the Moms where she got her daughter’s leg warmers from and of course they were from Santa…I can’t catch a break. Haha!

I will leave you with this:

a super cute baby:

and a terrific song that has been playing on repeat in my mind for the past forever:

Ghost Ship

The Week of O

We started the week of O with a bang with the inferno. Once I got to the kiddos after the fire Hannah still wanted to go to school so I loaded everyone into our “little car” a Chrysler Sebring and drove across the road to get home. Then piled everyone out of that car into my mother’s van, another Dodge Caravan (I feel so safe, ha!) and finally drove to school. Thankfully, she was only half an hour late. I say thankfully becuase she really, really, REALLY loves school so if she had missed school on top of the fire she would have been more upset. By the time we got home Tom was back from the scene so I had a little bit of time to call the insurance company while Hannah wasn’t around to hear even more about the fire. Very stressful day to say the least. At school Hannah made:

An orange toothbrush painting and an orange octopus

She missed school the Thursday prior and her teachers sent home the projects that she missed. Hannah had a hard time sleeping that night so we stayed up and made:

A necktie and a number train

We tried Amelia out on cereal, she was not the least bit amused:

My Mom came home this weekend and we had a fun time heading up to Millville, New Jersey with all the kids to go to the Hobby Lobby. Hannah LOVES my neices (her cousins) and had a blast picking out crafts with them to do later at Mammie’s house for their sleepover. They have the best Mammie ;) We even found the last of the Bennigans and drug all five of the kids in for a meal. Yum, I love that place!

Saturday night once we got home my Mom did my nails with her new UV nail kit. So cool. Her nails were still going strong and the paint had been on for two weeks. My nails have lasted about a week, but I’ve been washing dishes, cleaning toilets and touching a million sheets of paper a day at work so I’m a little harder on my hands. The finished product: