The Week of H

It was H week at Hannie’s school. She made a headband and colored hippos. For show and tell she brought a horse Tuesday and a hamster Thursday. She was very glad to have started back to school after Christmas break.

Now that Tom is what I like to call, a deadly diabetic, we have made a 180 with the meals in our house. Tom gets really sick when his sugar gets too high and his sugar gets high very easily.  He has gone down three pant sizes and two shirt sizes due to his newly diagnosed diabetes. Luckily, I am an expert on how to eat (not that I always follow my own advice) and have got him on a super good diet. He’s feeling better and not having any of the symptoms that he was feeling prior to the diet change.

I’ve lost 8 pounds this week thanks to the change and unfortunately his diabetes was just the push I needed to get my butt back in gear.

Aside from Hannah’s school routine and grocery shopping we did a whole lot of nothing this week and that is perfectly fine with me!


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  1. fancythis
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 10:36:21

    I mean, bringing HERSELF into school should have been plenty – she is HANNAH after all! ;)
    Glad you guys are off to a healthy start this year!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!

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