3rd Week of December

What a week this has been, I’m so exhausted I may collapse at any moment and I still have 40,000 more things to get done.

Tuesday, Hannah had her first Christmas Program at school. It was so super cute! They sang three songs and had cookies in the gym afterwards.

After the program we came home and Hannah and I left for the grocery store. As I’m returning hom, literally entering the neighborhood, Tom calls and tells me that Carter needs to go to the hospital. I get home to see bloody paper towels everywhere and Carter is in hysterics. He fell right as he was about to go into the kitchen and hit his face near the hair-line on the wood trim that goes around the bottom of the wall. Of course he hits the corner where the two pieces of wood meet and he might as well have fallen into an axe as sharp as that corner was. Tom ends up taking him to get looked at and the doctor thinks he does need stitches.

The next day is Carter’s birthday and we kicked it off by taking him to the plastic surgeon to get stitched up. This was the grossest thing I have ever witnessed in my life. I thought they would slap some stitches in there and call it a day. Um, not. They cut a chunk of flesh out of his head and then sewed it back together so that it would be a smooth cut. Since I was holding him down for this process I had the pleasure of watching the cutting and sewing. I’m surprised I didn’t puke. Carter was screaming his head off the entire time and by the end my arms felt like jello from holding him down but at least it’s over and he can start healing.

Thursday, Hannah went to school and made a cute paper wreath ornament for the tree. She used her fingertips to make the holly that go around the edge. She also brought home a present for Tom and I. Carter woke up with a random fever and had no symptoms of illness. We let him lay around the house and he would randomly fall asleep, thankfully the fever went away by the next day.

Today, I attempted to get the house ready for family to come over tomorrow and celebrate Carter’s birthday. I think I cleaned up new messes and didn’t really accomplish much of anything. Hannah had dance and her teachers had a little holiday party, she got to play games and have cookies and candy.

Well it’s back to cleaning for me before Amelia wakes up.



Happy Birthday Mr. Buddy!

You’re my silly little boy that despite what shenanigans you are up to you can still manage to steal everyone’s hearts. Unfortunately, you’re still the only grandboy in the family so I’m sorry you have to put up with all these girls around you. Being the only boy you can definitely keep us on our toes. We never know what you may get into or injured by on a daily basis. You’ve been talking a lot more lately, my favorite thing is when you talk with that rasp to your voice (think Batman: Dark Knight) and say things like “Night-Night,” “Hot Dog,” and “Football.” You give Hannah heck all day; biting, pinching and pulling her hair to name a few. With Amelia you are a little sweetie pie; gently rubbing her head and giving her kisses.  I can’t belive it’s been two years since you were born.

We love you very much sweet boy.

2nd week of December

Monday, Amelia had her one month check-up. She is doing really good with her head control and has started smiling. No issues or concerns which is always a good thing! She weighed in at 8 pounds 11 ounces and 21 inches long. We also had family pictures done and that was a debacle but at least I have my Christmas cards ordered.

Tuesday, Hannah brought home a glitter paper bell ornament for the tree and a construction paper christmas tree from school. She is still practicing for her school program and made Tom and I a present that she was able to gift wrap.

We’ve decided to stop giving Carter juice in order to help his behavior. In hopes the lack of sugary juices would prevent a sugar high. His new favorite thing when receiving discipline is to laugh at you afterwards. It’s been super fun at our house lately as you can imagine.

Tuesday afternoon we took the kids to see Santa. They all did very well sitting still for the picture, praise God!!!

Now we’re just finishing up shopping and all those little things you try to get done before Christmas catches up to you!


1st Week of December

This should be a post about the week of H but Hannah’s school has taken the month of December off of show and tell and the alphabets to focus on Christmas.

Han has begun to learn songs for her school Christmas program. It’s super cute how she wanders around the house singing her Christmas songs for us. She has also been crafting it up with Christmas themed projects.

Tom and I took the kids on a train ride with Santa. They had a lot of fun and the view from the train was beautiful!

Carter has learned to crawl in and out of his crib this week and will be getting a toddler bed very soon. Tom and I decided that if he can crawl out of his crib that he no longer needs a pacifier so he lost his precious “suckies” this week too! He’s been doing pretty good without them and will only occasionally steal Amelia’s.