The Weeks of E, F and G

The Week of E:

The Week of F:

The Week of G:

Amelia Jane

  • Born November 1st at 7:55 AM
  • 7 pounds 2 ounces and 19 inches long

We set our alarms for an early rise Tuesday morning, November 1st. Our bodies thought otherwise as both Tom and I slept through both of our alarms and didn’t wake until 4:45 while needing to be at the hospital by 5:30. Whoops! We both did manage to get showered and dressed in time and pulled up to the hospital doors at 5:30 on the dot. After we checked in with the front receptionist we headed up to the second floor/peri-op where we would spend our time directly before and after delivery.

Everything was pretty routine with lots of paperwork being completed and IV’s being administered. It was finally time and they wheeled me to the OR while Tom waited in the hall. The dreaded moment came to get my spinal, man do I hate that part. Finally they laid me down and Tom was allowed to come in. In typical fashion my body starts shivering and I begin to throw up, a lovely way to welcome your child to the world. After what felt like an eternity Amelia was finally born! I was almost done when I felt pain in my belly. I looked at the nurse who was messing with my medicines the entire procedure and calmly advised her that I’m on the verge of freaking out. At that point I could feel pain, I was still vomiting and my arms where shivering so hard that I looked like I was having a seizure. If I had feeling in my legs I might have sprung off that operating table! The whole c-section was miserable and felt like the longest to me.

Finally, they get me ready to wheel me back to periop where I would spend my recovery and I get to hold her. My second sweet baby girl. After we get to recovery the nurses start right away checking her and I. Amelia’s blood sugar was too low so the nurses had me give her a bottle of formula to get her sugar levels up. After that she was doing good and snoozed most of our stay in recovery. I was surprisingly in a ton of pain, not how I remember the first two c-sections. The nurses gave me medicine but it wasn’t working, I was supposed to be in recovery for two hours and I was there nearly four because my pain and blood pressure would not get under control. At one point my blood pressure reached 199/115 and the pain was like something I had never experienced before.

Once my pressures came down we were transferred to our hospital room. Everything went pretty well with the exception of around 7:00 pm the first night. The nurse at the time came in and advised us that Amelia would be under the bilirubin lights because her blood type is B positive and my type is O positive and the two don’t mix. What a terrible night that was, she hated the lights. She was not allowed to be held unless she was eating so that the lights could break up the bilirubin and get her levels down. All in all we made out okay and got to leave the hospital a day early.

It’s a week later and I feel like crud but I’m hoping that will pass soon. Amelia went to the doctor’s office Monday and is down to 6 lbs 8 ozs. I went to my doctor Monday as well and my pressure is still high 160/100 so they put me on blood pressure meds.

She is a great baby, she mostly sleeps and during the day I have to wake her up to feed her. The kids have gotten used to her very quickly and love being around her and loving on her. I’d say having three children is about like having two children…so far ;)

What happens when we attempt to get a picture of all three, lol: