Doctors and Hospitals

Friday, I went to the OB’s office for a blood pressure check. With my symptoms (dizzy, blurred vision, headache, shortness of breath) and elevated blood pressure (168/110) I was sent to triage. Not exactly what I was wanting to hear. So Mom and I wander off to the maternity ward and check in to triage. I’m kept in triage for a short time but my pressure went down enough to be sent home.

Sunday rolls around and the same symptoms happen, with very light spotting added on for good measure. I call the doctor and they tell me to go to triage. Off I go again. This time they kept me in the hospital overnight. Not what I was expecting to hear. The doctor on call released me Monday and said to be on bed rest. I was kind of expecting that.

Tuesday I check in with my OB and she confirms that I will not be returning to work and will be placed on bed rest. Officially diagnosing me with mild preeclampsia.  My BP was still on the high side 153/96 or something like that but she lets me go home this time.

From now until Amelia is born I will be on bed rest and will start seeing the OB twice a week for blood pressure checks and bio-physical profiles. If anything worsens and starts to affect her I’ll be having a baby much sooner than November 1st. Although the OB has not changed my surgery day.

Today at the ultrasound appointment my doctor was very concerned about my current status. He doesn’t think I’ll make it to 39 weeks (my c-section day) and said he’d be surprised if I make it to my next appointment with him which is on October 4th. On the bright side Amelia is doing fantastic and I hope and pray it stays that way! She is in the 46th percentile, weighs 3 pounds 12 ounces and her heart rate was 138 which are all good things! I think she looks just like Carter ;)


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  1. fancythis
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 09:49:27

    she DOES look like Carter!!!! how fun!!!!
    hoping and praying you can hold out as long as possible – we want baby amelia cooked before she comes out! :)

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