Green Week!

This week was green week and concluded learning about the primary colors. Tuesday Hannah made a fall tree which she was very proud of. She also created the color green by mixing yellow and blue paints; she especially loved the part where she got to mix it with her fingers!

Thursday Hannah got to make a vegetable print using celery and broccoli as a stamp with her paint. We both thought that was pretty cool!

Blue Week!

This week was the week of blue for our little preschooler! Tuesday she got to be “Snack Helper” and it was her first ever “School Picture Day!” Very fun firsts for her! She also seems to have developed a dislike for one of her school mates but it’s been hard to get a complete story from her as to why.

Thursday she was “Line Leader” and we got her first permission slip for her first field trip!


The Waiting Room

That’s where we are at with this pregnancy. Hopeful I don’t take another turn for the worse but praising God that I’ve gotten so much better!

The nurse took my pressure today at the OB’s office and announced 138/88. The Doctor and I looked at each other stunned and ecstatic all at the same time. I think the Doc even asked the nurse “Really??!?!?” It has not been that low in weeks, even though the bottom number is a touch high my doctor was just glad it had come down so much. I still have protein in my urine which is not good but that just comes with the territory of preeclampsia. At the end of my appointment the doc leans against the counter and says “I know you’re feeling better but I still don’t want you up moving around too much!” I kind of chuckled because that would be like me to sneak a load of laundry here and there ;) I assured her I will still be bed ridden until 11/1.

At my ultrasound today Amelia’s fluid levels are looking great and her heart rate was 148. The tech told me that her weight was “approximately five pounds, three ounces.” I laughed on the inside, at that rate she would be eight pounds and I’m highly doubtful if she is bigger than seven and that would be a stretch. I have long babies (both 22″) but Hannah was 5.15 when she was born and Carter 6.10. I would be blown away if Amelia was very much bigger than Carter.

So there you have it, we are at week 33 and with 6 more weeks of bed rest I’m hoping nothing funky happens with Amelia and I’s health to bump us up before our 6 week wait is over :)

Yellow Week!

Hannie thoroughly enjoyed her second week of preschool this week. Tuesday a little girl in her class was touching her hair and she didn’t care for that. She told me all about that when she got home. A side from that she enjoyed painting, gluing and playing on the playground!

Thursday she did a cute art project with lemon slices as a stamp to create a cute lemon print. She also played her first game of “tag” in the school gym.

Tom and I are so thankful that she is loving school so much!

The Insulin Bullet

I almost dodged it this pregnancy. With 7 more weeks of baby cooking I was finally put on insulin today. I thought I’d be bummed out, I really wanted to say I made it one pregnancy without gestational diabetes. I did everything I could to stay off insulin but with my new-found bed rest the inactivity made my sugars slightly elevated. Just enough to require insulin.

I’ll still be reporting my blood sugars twice a week to the diabetes center but today was my last appointment and I don’t have to go back until January! I feel like I graduated from the endocrinologist today ;)

All in all  I’d say this is a pretty good day.

First Week of (Pre)School!

Hannie had started school this week; she is still beyond excited! This week was red week so they learned all about the color red. She even got to paint and do play-doh which are things we don’t often do at home. I must say that with her curiosity of bathrooms she was probably most excited about the “little potty.”

First Day:

Her Artwork:

Second Day:

Her brother has been acting lethargic since Thursday, this was his take on his sister starting school:

Followed up with some cartoons and cuddling on the couch:

Doctors and Hospitals

Friday, I went to the OB’s office for a blood pressure check. With my symptoms (dizzy, blurred vision, headache, shortness of breath) and elevated blood pressure (168/110) I was sent to triage. Not exactly what I was wanting to hear. So Mom and I wander off to the maternity ward and check in to triage. I’m kept in triage for a short time but my pressure went down enough to be sent home.

Sunday rolls around and the same symptoms happen, with very light spotting added on for good measure. I call the doctor and they tell me to go to triage. Off I go again. This time they kept me in the hospital overnight. Not what I was expecting to hear. The doctor on call released me Monday and said to be on bed rest. I was kind of expecting that.

Tuesday I check in with my OB and she confirms that I will not be returning to work and will be placed on bed rest. Officially diagnosing me with mild preeclampsia.  My BP was still on the high side 153/96 or something like that but she lets me go home this time.

From now until Amelia is born I will be on bed rest and will start seeing the OB twice a week for blood pressure checks and bio-physical profiles. If anything worsens and starts to affect her I’ll be having a baby much sooner than November 1st. Although the OB has not changed my surgery day.

Today at the ultrasound appointment my doctor was very concerned about my current status. He doesn’t think I’ll make it to 39 weeks (my c-section day) and said he’d be surprised if I make it to my next appointment with him which is on October 4th. On the bright side Amelia is doing fantastic and I hope and pray it stays that way! She is in the 46th percentile, weighs 3 pounds 12 ounces and her heart rate was 138 which are all good things! I think she looks just like Carter ;)

August: The Month of Suck

August has been quite the challenging month and I’m glad to say I somehow made it through alive with a little bit of sanity intact.

I’m not quite sure in what order everything started happening but somehow everything went out of whack this month and it became one thing right after the other (a term I hate to use). Our older car (a 2001) needed some repair work to the tune of around $800.00 that was spread over two visits. Then our van which is still fairly new needed repair work to the tune of around $300.00. No sooner did the van come out of the shop that our older car broke down leaving Tom and Carter stranded in a shopping center parking lot. After a tow to be serviced we find out that the fuel pump crapped out to the tune of almost $900.00.  We managed to get through the great car debacle of 2011, thank God.

Next we have an earthquake, the first that I’ve experienced in my life. The most terrifying thing I’ve experienced especially when you’re in an office building and you know there are two more floors above your head! Thankfully no structural damage occurred and I think some people didn’t even notice the earthquake. I know that I’ll never forget it!

After we got over the shock of an earthquake in little ol’ Delaware I got to experience my second Hurricane ever. We thought we’d made it out okay until early in the morning when the Hurricane was nearly over. Our ceiling began leaking in two spots. Nice. Now we get the pleasure of figuring out and repairing whatever is wrong with the roof and once that’s done we’ll fix the drywall and replace insulation etc. Fun, fun, fun! Even my Dad who never really shows his frustration to me about stuff like that made the comment of: “If it’s not one thing, it’s 12 others!” I think Dad is enjoying August as much as I am.

My mother took a job in Shreveport, LA and will start on September 12th. I’m bummed that she’s going since we are SO close and hang out pretty often throughout the week. I TOTALLY understand her needing/wanting to work and get money stored up and just have a little adventure too ;) I’m especially glad that my Granny is moving back to Missouri because my sanity really can’t take much more. I love my Granny but taking care of her is literally like having another toddler and with a newborn on the way I just don’t have it in me.

So there you have it folks, the real reason why my blood pressure is sky-high ;)

Welcome September!