That’s The Sucks

Today marked my first of many bio-physical profiles. Directly after the ultrasound I had an appointment with the OB; now that I am about 31 weeks I’ll begin to see the doctor every two weeks.

The ultrasound went well, Amelia was doing everything that she was supposed to do, fluid levels looked good, etc. The technician advised us that she weighed approximately 4 pounds. I have my doubts about the weight but I’ll take her word for it, for now. Afterwards we headed down the hall to the OB.

You know the appointment is off to a bad start when  the nurse asks if your blood pressure has been running high. It hadn’t been until today apparently. I had the pleasure of lying on my left side for five minutes, the checked again. BP was still bad so I laid some more and they checked again. Still bad.  Every time they checked it was higher, my final check it was 160/100.  I have some protein in my urine so they sent me for “stat” blood work and I also have a 24 hour urine test in my future. I report back to the OB this Friday to check me again and hear what my labs showed. I don’t know if I should be annoyed or cry. Tom joked with me that we pushed it by having a third and I advised that my “cooker” must be broken. I’m hoping this was a fluke incident and not a sign of preeclampsia :(


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  1. Heddys mom
    Aug 30, 2011 @ 15:29:08

    I love you, it will all be okay.

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