A Crazy/Lazy Weekend…

The day had finally arrived on Friday when my best friend had her first baby! She went into labor early in the morning and he was not born until late into that night. I’m pretty sure I was more nervous for her than I was when I had my own children. The whole unexpectedness of labor had me wound up the entire day. At one point I forgot how to get to the hospital (which I had been to plenty of times before) because I was just so anxious! Baby Marcus came in with a bang as a thunderstorm had rolled in while his Mama was in labor; he sure knew how to make an entrance ;) Thankfully the labor went smoothly and I might have cried a few tears of joy and relief! He really is just the cutest thing.

The rest of the weekend didn’t quite go as I had initially planned. I had a pounding headache Friday evening (thanks to the rain storm) that lasted all weekend until late Sunday night. Saturday, Tom went to work at 11:00 just as visiting hours at the hospital began and with my parents having company I was unable to make it back to the hospital to see everyone, hmph. Then we were going to go to the Peach Festival and for said reasons that also did not happen. By Sunday my headache moved into migraine status thanks to another rain storm and we skipped out on church. I’m pretty sure I laid around doing not much of anything the entire weekend long. So today is a catch up day. Ran a few errands this evening that I hadn’t gotten to on the weekend and am now tackling laundry. I’m so ready to not be pregnant anymore.





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