God is Sovereign

Last night as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep I was thinking about the day’s events.

I had an ultrasound appointment first thing in the morning which I was admittedly nervous to go to since the last one was less than super-fantastic. I along with many others have been praying for this whole “notching” business to be a none issue. While I don’t stress and worry about it all the time I do from time to time go over the “what-if’s” of the situation. That morning I was getting nervous and secretly hoping that the notching had decided to correct itself and also that no other issue would be unearthed.

I’ve been very blessed this pregnancy, third time must be the charm. My blood sugars and blood pressure have been fantastic and my thyroid while still being difficult to control has not affected the baby.  I feel relatively well and have all the normal pregnancy complaints like being hot and my joints feeling like that of an 80-year-old woman ;) Very normal things.  I really think I need pinched because it’s going so well.  This week I enter my seventh month of pregnancy and the third trimester. Being the logical thinker that I try to be I know that this show ain’t over yet. The third trimester can sometimes be when the hem starts to unravel. Blood sugars are harder to maintain, blood pressure starts to spike and any other number of things could happen. I’ve been preparing myself for the worse while hoping for the best.

As my mother and I enter my appointment yesterday the tech asked if I had any new concerns or issues. I told her no but that I was wondering how my notching was doing. Once we get started she says, “Oh yeah, I can see the right is definitely notching.” She moves to the left side, “And the left side is also definitely notching.” I laughed to myself because I didn’t have any notching on the right side last month, is was only the left side. I hold my commentary until the doctor makes his appearance. He tells me that the right is now notching and I laughed and told him I noticed that too. But, he says not to worry about it until my body starts acting like it’s an issue. My mom asked what this means for the baby and I and he said that it puts me at an extremely high risk for preeclampsia. Just what you want to hear first thing in the morning.  Amelia is doing great which is the most important thing so I’m going to rest on that and ignore the preeclampsia warning for now. This pregnancy is going very well and I’m going to sit back and enjoy it until my body tells me otherwise knowing that God is Sovereign and it’s all in His hands.

Amelia’s heart rate this appointment was 149, her weight was 2 pounds 5 ounces and she shot from the 34th percentile to the 53rd! Praise God, she is doing very well and looking very “normal” (as the doctor would say).


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  1. Heddys mom
    Aug 10, 2011 @ 17:02:17

    And we praise God for it. And continue to pray for a “non-issues” result.

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