Bean is A…

Tom and I debated whether or not to share but we couldn’t torture our friends for another five months ;)

We are expecting another GIRL! We are very excited about this, I knew it was a girl (mother’s intuition) from the beginning so it was nice to have that confirmed by the ultrasound tech. She was not so cooperative on the picture-taking.. Her chin is tucked to her chest so it’s a little hard to see that definition.

Of course I totally went out today and bought a little outfit to bring her home in, I’m just so excited ;)

(My Mother-in-Law predicted this one long ago…she was right!)


Figaro & Simon

We have two new additions to our family. Figaro a black and white tuxedo and his brother Simon an orange tabby with white feet and belly.

I think we all have fallen in love with them, they have excellent personalities and are very fun to watch when they are together.

I’ve wanted a cat for a good 6 nearly 7 years. Tom has always vetoed that request. Then last Friday it was early and we hadn’t even got out of bed yet when Hannah comes in our room. We pop on the TV for her and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on with “Figaro,” Hannah immediately asks for a cat. So I joined in with a “Yeah Tom, let’s get a cat!” He actually agreed! I couldn’t believe my ears! So the rest of the day I could see Tom backing out of this initial agreement, saying he wasn’t awake yet when he was asked, but he already told Hannah she could get one so there was no going back.

We starting research kittens in the paper and some around the neighborhood. Finally late Friday night, I checked and found a rescue very near to our house; Dumpster Cats. They listed a black and white cat and he was a boy, score! So I emailed the lady and he was still available, I didn’t think Saturday would come fast enough so we could meet this little kitty boy. Saturday evening we go and see the kittens and Hannah immediately wanted the little black and white one and started calling him Figaro. I thought my heart would melt! I was a little concerned at first because he seemed terrified of all of us and I wasn’t sure that he would come out of being a “scaredy cat.” Sure enough after only a day or so he warmed up to Tom and I and after another day or so he would come near Hannah.

Finally it was Wednesday, I couldn’t stand the fact that we had left Figaro’s brother behind. There was four total in his litter including him and two of the brother’s had stayed together and were adopted by another lady. I checked with their foster mom and the orange tabby was still there. After work Wednesday we picked up Simon and he bonded right back to Figaro. They have been inseparable ever since.

Hannah’s inspiration cat: