Latte Love

I’ve always loved Lattes, usually I get them from Starbucks but since I’ve been pregnant I’ve sworn off of coffee. Then one day my cube mate at work shared some coupons she had for Dunkin Donuts. One of the coupons was for a FREE iced coffee, so I trekked over there to see what this was all about, I got blueberry! Very yummy although I must not have told the girl decaf because I had a body high for what felt like an hour after drinking that coffee! NOT good!

Days later, I reviewed the rest of the coupons and discovered that I also had a coupon for a small latte for $1.29! Score! I treated myself to a DECAF iced latte with mocha and caramel. OMG to die for! As you would know, I am now hooked to coffee once more. I’ve been really good about not going to get a latte every morning because it’s really not in the budget but the thought crosses my mind every morning.

I heard some song lyrics the other day that I’ve thought about for other reasons but is applicable to my latte craving…”One more is too many and one more is never enough”


EBay Store?

Throughout my 26 soon to be 27 years on this planet I’ve grown to collect lots of things. I don’t want to say I’m a hoarder but I would get obsessed with things. Like growing up I collected: Porcelain Dolls, Precious Moments, Rabbit and Cat figurines, Beanie Babies (of course), Collectible Barbie’s, McCoy Cookie Jars, Roosters and most recently Vera Bradley Purses. I like something and go to the extreme of having to have every kind in every shape, color and style. It’s goofy to say the least. I’d like to think I’ve grown out of that behaviour, probably because I don’t have the time or the money to continue doing so. Now that I have china closets and boxes full of stuff what do I  do with it? I thought about an eBay store and also having yard sales.

Does anyone have any great ideas for get rid of stuff without just throwing it away?


My Hannie Rose had an appointment with the dentist this morning. I was more than nervous for her, I was secretly dreading this appointment. She does extremely well with teeth cleanings but her first appointment ever with the Dentist was for a filling. Her top front tooth had a defect in the enamel which then created a cavity. At age 2 we took her to have this filled. The knock down drag out fight that ensued trying to get her to hold still for one filling had traumatized all of us, the dentist included.

This time she had 3 cavities that needed filled. The original tooth that was filled previously as well as one tooth on each side on the bottom. The dentist advised that the other two filling were due to the fact that her teeth have deep grooves that make it hard to reach when brushing. We had it all planned out, Carter would go to my Mom’s house and Tom would take Hannah to the dentist. The first filling appointment was ringing in my head so I scooted out of work and met them at the dentist’s office.

Thankfully she had laughing gas this time which really kept her calm. In the beginning when she first sat in the chair you could see her getting a little panicky; especially when the dentist came in. Once we all got to talking to her and asking her questions to keep her mind off of being scared (not to mention the gas was doing its job) she calmed down really well. Hannie took it like a champ and it was like watching a grown up getting a filling;  she did everything she was asked and never cried once. I am so proud of her!

I was so nerve wracked about the outcome of this appointment and thank God it went so smooth!

Head Spin

I set forth to the Hallmark to purchase cards for Mother’s Day and my niece’s communion. Once I stepped foot in Hallmark my pregnancy brain kicked in:

  • Start off with my Grandma. Check! Oh wait I need to get a card from my kids to her…3 minutes later I find the perfect card. Grannie’s done!
  • On to the “Mom” section. Found the perfect card for both Moms and done. Oh crap, they need cards from the kids too. Back to the “Grandma” section. Why do all of  these cards say “Grandma” or “Nana” who calls their Grandma “Nana”? Four minutes later found Grandma cards for both Moms.
  • Crap don’t forget communion card…Oh geeze why do some say “First Holy Communion” and some say “Communion,” I think it’s first holy communion…should I phone a friend? No it’s definitely the first. Five minutes later the perfect  card is chosen.

It took me 30 minutes to buy seven cards. Thank God we don’t have any Step-Moms in the family, I would have had a melt down.