Wordless Wednesday: A Slide and A Blood Orange

Hazy Crazy

This week was a crazy week. The kids and I were sick with the stomach bug that started abruptly on Monday night and didn’t fully leave us all alone until Friday evening. In the midst of the stomach bug: I had an appointment with Maternal and Fetal Medicine in Dover on Tuesday, the dog ended up needing to go to the vet and we still needed to do pictures with the Easter Bunny. I almost, almost canceled my ultrasound appointment. But, with my best friend by my side we trudged on and made it through the ultrasound appointment. The lady started off the ultrasound quite comically. She says oh, you thought you only had one baby in there? I shot a look at my bestie and the lady quickly recovered by saying that yes there is only one baby. I might have had a stroke if there was 2! The bean is doing good but too small still for my first trimester screening. I was about a week behind so they made me a new appointment in 2 weeks to have my first trimester screening then. My due date was also changed from 10/29/11 to 11/7/11, maybe this baby will be at least 7 pounds! I told the lady that my due date is wrong with every kid and that I always have tiny babies because of it. She said they trust Mom and bumped me up! Hannie was 5.15 and Buddy was 6.10…too tiny!

Here is bean at 11 weeks 3 days with a heart rate of 181 or 188, I was very ill and don’t remember the exact number ;)

Before Bean’s appt we had a rush visit to the vet for Molly the dog. She had been making a horrendous choking noise that would not stop since the evening prior. I called first thing in the morning and got her an appt. Like all good mothers I multi-tasked my way to vet, puking and driving. The dog ended up having an upper respiratory infection and was treated with antibiotics. She is doing much better now. I did have to laugh a little, the vet said that if she didn’t get better with the antibiotics that she may have a collapsed trachea. That was a head scratcher but I just went with it.

Thursday I was still out of commission so I had Tom take the kids to the mall for the Easter Bunny. He comes home and I look at the pictures. Immediately I cannot stop laughing. Carter is crying, no surprise there and Hannah is making one of her goofy faces that she always seems to be doing. Priceless and very representative of both of them. My favorite part is that they had a fan on the Bunny so Hannah’s hair is blowing every which way. Definitely our “worst” Santa/Bunny picture but I love it none the less.

The Bean

Today’s ultrasound went well, Bean’s heart was beating and he/she was quite the wiggle worm!

I asked the doctor what my due date was, the suspense was killing me. She looks at my expected due date and it doesn’t match up with the ultrasound so she advised me to wait until I have my first trimester screening on the 19th. She said their ultrasound machines are a better quality and they could advise the best due date. So more waiting. My best guess at a due date is the first week of November so I’m curious to see what the other doctor is going to say.

(In person you can see it a little bit better, the head is down and Bean is face up with little nubby arms and legs to the side.)