Easy Breezy

I’m hoping for a nice smooth pregnancy with a lot less worry. I estimate that I am due around November 3rd because I ovulated on February 10th. On 2/26 I had my first hCG value of 21 confirming pregnancy. My progesterone was of course low again 8.3. Then they checked hCG on 2/28 with a value of 37 and again on 3/2 for a value of 72. I’ve been taking progesterone since 2/28 and am anxious to see how my progesterone value is doing.

This time around I’m not going to see the RE to keep track of me and the baby for the first 12 weeks. Let me tell you, not having an ultrasound already is killing me! However, I have faith that I’m in good hands with my OB. They are going to continue to monitor my hCG levels until I get to a value of 10,000.  If  Google hasn’t led me astray that should be around 8 weeks, give or take.

I spoke with my trainer Toze  on 3/8 and I’m going to continue my normal exercise plan and I have a new meal plan that replaces my high protein snacks with fruits. He says that if I stick to my plan I will continue to lose weight AND I will not need to take insulin. This is huge to me, sticking yourself with a needle 4 to 5 times a day is not so fun. I hope that will work out but won’t set my hopes to high in the event that insulin and I become friends once again.

I guess that’s the nitty-gritty of what’s going on with me so far. I am feeling so, SO happy and very, VERY blessed!!!


hCG value for 3/9 is 1,692 and progesterone is at 11.6. When I get to 10,000 they will bring me in for an ultrasound, yay!


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  1. Team Winks
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 18:57:51

    So exciting!!! Please keep us updated!

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