3 Is The New 10

It’s been pretty comical when people find out you’re expecting your third. Woman that have three or more seem genuinely excited and their congratulations feel heartfelt. A fair amount of the woman with 0-2 kids are a different ballpark. They usually don’t say congratulations right away, this is because their brains are trying to comprehend why on earth you would actually WANT to have 3 children. I’m not making these things up. I was talking to my friend and she asked me how many weeks I am, I told her and the girl next to her asked me if I was pregnant. She then asks if this is my first and when I said no, it’s my third I thought she was going to fall over from surprise. Then two women over the cubicle wall, went on and on about how much of a glutton for punishment that I am. I was beginning to feel like I was in a shooting range and I was the target!

At first, I started thinking people were a little on the rude side with their opinions but then I decided to lighten up and just laugh on the inside. I can’t imagine that someone with one (or none) would give me an accurate view on how much of a “glutton” I am. However, if someone with five children told me how I am in for a world of hurt I might sit up and listen ;)

What surprises me the most is that people think three kids are too many. My dad is one of seven and my husband is one of four so I don’t think I’m doing too bad with three. I’ve always wanted three, yes wanted. I knew deep down our baby having days weren’t over with Carter.

This and baby names has led to very interesting conversations at work. Apparently the whole world has an opinion on what you should name your child. It only gets worse the more children you have.

Today made me think long and hard that I don’t want to know what I’m having and I don’t want to share my baby names, with anyone. This is my last hoorah and I think I want it to be a “surprise” the day I deliver!


As I sat in the OB’s office going over all the necessary paperwork with the nurse for the hospital and for them it finally sank in. I’m having a baby! Okay in about 7 more months but you get what I mean. As she was talking to me about the hospital and this test and that test all of my memories started to flood back of what I’d been through twice before. I couldn’t be more excited!

I was surprised to hear that Delaware Maternal and Fetal Medicine is currently not taking my insurance. This poses a bit of a problem because that’s where you go to get level 2 ultrasounds and bio-physical profiles. I was even more surprised to hear that the alternate locations they are sending patients to are about 45 minutes to an hour away. Either to Crozier in Philly or BayHealth in Dover. I’m hoping and praying they get their contracts worked out with Aetna and I can just keep going where I’ve always gone, otherwise I might have a problem.

I did ask the nurse if at my next appointment with the doctor if she would give me a due date then. She confirmed that’s when I’ll get one and then if my ultrasound is pretty in line with the date of my last cycle then my due date will be October 29th! Yay, I’ve always wanted to have an October baby!

After the OB I had an appointment with the Endocrinologist and he will start monitoring my blood sugars once a week. Let’s pray I can avoid insulin this time!

I guess that’s all the news that is news!

Death Warmed Over

The past 2 months in our house has been one cold right after the other. It started with Carter and in a few days Hannah had it. Just as we thought it was gone, Tom got it. Of course I lasted about a week before Tom’s hacking on me while I sleep sharing a bed with Tom made me sick. Finally after 2 weeks of having what I loving coined “flumonia” we are all better. (With the exception of  Tom who may or may not have a sinus infection) Mixed in for good measure I enjoyed my flumonia with a side of all day morning sickness, yum! I’m still nauseous here and there but I finally have the energy to get back to the gym and oh I don’t know, clean this filthy house!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had lost a pound which was really surprising since our dinners while I was sick consisted of fast food or some other carb-o-rific meal, like pizza ;)

I hope these cold germs stay away from us and we can all get back to life as usual!

The Bean

 Today I called to get my values from the OB, my hCG was at 11,344! Super good! My progesterone fell down to 9.9. Not super good. So she wanted me to come in for an ultrasound just to see what’s going on in there. She offered me the option to come in today with Dr. D or wait until tomorrow to meet with my OB Dr M. I opted to come in today because I’m not much of  the waiting kind.

I go to my appt, everything is going well; I saw the heart beat!!! Then the doctor goes to get me a sample of  a different progesterone to use. He never comes back. The Nurse practitioner (in training) and I are standing there talking for a while and then finally a nurse comes in with my sample and is like here’s your samples. The practitioner lady and I were like is Dr. D. coming back??? “Oh, he ran down to Labor and Delivery. You didn’t have any questions for him did you?” I felt like I had fallen in to a time warp, yes I have questions! I didn’t even get to talk to him. So I get dressed and wait for his return. They write me a prescription and send me on my way. I didn’t get to ask questions or get a possible due date, it was beyond bizarre. But yay for a heart beat!


Yesterday started like any other day, the alarm went off, I showered, dressed, brushed my teeth. Oh wait I need to blow my nose because I am still sick and POW! Instant vertigo!

I  knew something was “wrong” especially when I started falling backwards into the wall from my lack of equilibrium. Once I situated myself in the corner of the wall I knew this was not good. My ears started ringing and humming at the same time. I had zero balance. The room was spinning, clockwise to be exact and the amount of pressure in my head was unreal. Left with no options I yelled for Tom to come help me, he jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. (Thinking I was having a miscarriage until he got in there!) He comes in and I tell him what’s going on, I need to lay on the floor so he helped me to the ground. Then the nausea kicked in, I imagine it’s what people experience when they have motion sickness. I of course started to cry, this was freaking me out and I the control-freak could not control any of it. I finally got my self together and Tom helped me to the bed. I think I laid there for 40 minutes or more before my episode passed and I finished getting ready and headed to work. Vertigo is not fun and I’m hoping that is my last encounter!

Easy Breezy

I’m hoping for a nice smooth pregnancy with a lot less worry. I estimate that I am due around November 3rd because I ovulated on February 10th. On 2/26 I had my first hCG value of 21 confirming pregnancy. My progesterone was of course low again 8.3. Then they checked hCG on 2/28 with a value of 37 and again on 3/2 for a value of 72. I’ve been taking progesterone since 2/28 and am anxious to see how my progesterone value is doing.

This time around I’m not going to see the RE to keep track of me and the baby for the first 12 weeks. Let me tell you, not having an ultrasound already is killing me! However, I have faith that I’m in good hands with my OB. They are going to continue to monitor my hCG levels until I get to a value of 10,000.  If  Google hasn’t led me astray that should be around 8 weeks, give or take.

I spoke with my trainer Toze  on 3/8 and I’m going to continue my normal exercise plan and I have a new meal plan that replaces my high protein snacks with fruits. He says that if I stick to my plan I will continue to lose weight AND I will not need to take insulin. This is huge to me, sticking yourself with a needle 4 to 5 times a day is not so fun. I hope that will work out but won’t set my hopes to high in the event that insulin and I become friends once again.

I guess that’s the nitty-gritty of what’s going on with me so far. I am feeling so, SO happy and very, VERY blessed!!!


hCG value for 3/9 is 1,692 and progesterone is at 11.6. When I get to 10,000 they will bring me in for an ultrasound, yay!


There comes a time in every woman’s pregnancy when they wake up one day to discover their pants are uncomfortably snug. At only five weeks along, that day was today. I literally held the zipper, zipping a little bit further with every re-scrunch trying to get my dress pants on. THAT should have been and indication to NOT where those pants. I was determined and now I’m sitting at work thinking tonight might be a good night to switch my pants over to my old maternity ones. Nice.