My Sweet Boy is Growing UP!

I knew it was time but just didn’t want to let go. My husband had been pretty persistent that Carter needed a haircut so I finally relented. Just like his sister, he did marvelous. No crying, even when the lady brought out the clippers! He’s such a trooper!

He went from a curly mullet:

To looking like he aged five years :(

And somehow both Tom and I forgot the camera and our phones. Don’t ask me how that happened; so we didn’t get any pictures during his haircut :(  In the words of Tom; “The second kid is like a second rate-citizen, poor guy!”

Skiddley Dee

Life’s been crazy busy lately, I hardly have time to breath…or think for that matter. Work is insanely busy, for example I’m pretty sure I spent 85% of my day on conference calls or in some form of a meeting. On a Friday this just seems unnatural.

Last month in all the madness I totally forgot to take Carter to his 12 month check-up, whoops! We finally made it to the Doctor last week and he is getting to be a big boy! He weighs 22.5 pounds and is 29.5″ tall.  The Doc is going through the checklist and asking me what he’s doing developmentally etc. I think I answered “No” to just about everything on the list. She told me when he was born that boys are slower than girls and I think he is right in line with that. To top it all off he will still get up in the night!!! Our Doctor is pretty funny and down to earth. We have a game plan to cut his milk back, get him off the bottle and ignore him when he gets up in the night. This should be a fun few months coming up ;)

I was looking forward to the long weekend and the chance to *gasp* sleep in! Only to have my dream crushed when I looked at the calendar and was reminded I have an appointment at the Blood Bank to donate platelets. This process takes around 2-3 hours, yay. Then church is the next day so no sleeping in there. Maybe my husband will let me sleep in Monday! Are you reading this husband?  I need to sleep!

I guess that’s all of my crazy-lady ramblings for now.

Oh yeah, we had a lot of fun getting ready to go play in the snow too:

Well maybe not everyone had a fun time :(