Keurig Love

My Mother in Law and (her sister) Aunt Tina bought me a Keurig for Christmas! They are just the sweetest people ever and always buy such considerate and thoughtful gifts. I’m so thankful for them and so thankful that I didn’t marry into a crazy family ;)

I was so excited to use the Keurig. As soon as the kids went to bed I set it up in the kitchen and within minutes enjoyed my first cup of deliciousness!

I was already addicted to coffee but now it’s gotten  worse, now I’m addicted to hot tea. I just can’t get enough of it. (Thankfully I drink mine with Splenda and a touch of Creamer so no need to worry with the calories) This Keurig may have created a monster in me because now I (of course) feel like I need every accessory on the face of the earth to accompany my Keurig. It’s just so fun and don’t these look fun too?

The one-touch milk frother, how stinking awesome!

The K-Cup Carousel to go with my Type A personality of everything being organized

The Iced Beverage Tumbler, this looked pretty cool. You fill the timbler with ice and then brew your Iced Tea K-Cup directly into it.  Instant Ice Tea!


I can’t wait to (eventually) start adding to the awesomeness of the Keurig! The best part yet is that I no longer waste coffee. I would brew 4 cups and fill my 16oz mug with coffee, this always left me with leftover coffee which ended up down the sink. With my Keurig I chose a K-Cup, choose my cup size and in less than a minute I have perfectly brewed coffee or tea. No waste!

I just can’t get enough of this thing, who thought a coffee machine would make me so happy. This must be a sign I’m getting old!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Miss K (@katetheowl)
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 10:49:27

    Everyone I know that has one LOVES it. It looks really cool!

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