The End

As much as I love the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas), I am so thankful they are over. They are not very friendly to my waistline ;) I did a ton of laundry last night, I went to put my jeans on this morning for work and they were tight. Not just the fresh-from-the-dryer-tight but the, you’ve-gained-10-pounds-from-the-holiday-eating-kind-of- tight. Nice.

That’s was the reminder I needed to love my meal plan, stick to it and bust my butt at the gym today. I will not be regressing, staying stagnant in weight loss is bad enough but going backwards is not an option.

My friend told me something the other night that are truly words to live by. “It’s not what you do from Thanksgiving to New Year’s,  it’s what you do from New Year’s to Thanksgiving.” I couldn’t agree more!  

As the year draws to an end I would like to wish  everyone a terrific and healthy New Year! Here’s to losing more weight!


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