Keurig Love

My Mother in Law and (her sister) Aunt Tina bought me a Keurig for Christmas! They are just the sweetest people ever and always buy such considerate and thoughtful gifts. I’m so thankful for them and so thankful that I didn’t marry into a crazy family ;)

I was so excited to use the Keurig. As soon as the kids went to bed I set it up in the kitchen and within minutes enjoyed my first cup of deliciousness!

I was already addicted to coffee but now it’s gotten  worse, now I’m addicted to hot tea. I just can’t get enough of it. (Thankfully I drink mine with Splenda and a touch of Creamer so no need to worry with the calories) This Keurig may have created a monster in me because now I (of course) feel like I need every accessory on the face of the earth to accompany my Keurig. It’s just so fun and don’t these look fun too?

The one-touch milk frother, how stinking awesome!

The K-Cup Carousel to go with my Type A personality of everything being organized

The Iced Beverage Tumbler, this looked pretty cool. You fill the timbler with ice and then brew your Iced Tea K-Cup directly into it.  Instant Ice Tea!


I can’t wait to (eventually) start adding to the awesomeness of the Keurig! The best part yet is that I no longer waste coffee. I would brew 4 cups and fill my 16oz mug with coffee, this always left me with leftover coffee which ended up down the sink. With my Keurig I chose a K-Cup, choose my cup size and in less than a minute I have perfectly brewed coffee or tea. No waste!

I just can’t get enough of this thing, who thought a coffee machine would make me so happy. This must be a sign I’m getting old!

The End

As much as I love the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas), I am so thankful they are over. They are not very friendly to my waistline ;) I did a ton of laundry last night, I went to put my jeans on this morning for work and they were tight. Not just the fresh-from-the-dryer-tight but the, you’ve-gained-10-pounds-from-the-holiday-eating-kind-of- tight. Nice.

That’s was the reminder I needed to love my meal plan, stick to it and bust my butt at the gym today. I will not be regressing, staying stagnant in weight loss is bad enough but going backwards is not an option.

My friend told me something the other night that are truly words to live by. “It’s not what you do from Thanksgiving to New Year’s,  it’s what you do from New Year’s to Thanksgiving.” I couldn’t agree more!  

As the year draws to an end I would like to wish  everyone a terrific and healthy New Year! Here’s to losing more weight!

Merry Christmas

From my family to yours!

(Photo Credit: Kaila Regina Wedding Photography)

My Sweet Boy

I can’t believe my baby boy is one year old! This time last year I was worried about c-sections and life with a newborn AND a toddler. Now I couldn’t picture my life any other way! You started dancing recently, you eat “big people” food and you seriously need a hair cut! ;) Your my Mister Buddy and I love how inquisitive you are and that you ALWAYS want to be with your sister. I can’t wait to see what this year holds for you as you will surely have many more joys before you! Mommy and Daddy love you so much! Happy Birthday Carter!

I <3 NY

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting NYC. It was so wonderful and almost magical. We stepped out of the train station and I immediately had a smile on my face and couldn’t help but stand in amazement of the impressive buildings and the hustle and bustle that surrounded me. Our first stop was of course to a Starbucks because we all had to relieve ourselves and needed a warm beverage to keep us from freezing to death. After that we grabbed a hot dog from a street vendor, walked to fifth avenue, stood in awe at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, watched street performers, meandered around the Plaza Hotel, perused FAO Schwartz, ate at Pop Burger (delicious!), walked to Central Park, watched the ice skaters, ogled Tiffany & Co, fought our way to get a glimpse of the Rockefeller Tree, walked 4,000,000,000 miles to Times Square and then an additional 4,000,000,000,000 miles back to the train station. I even spotted Laura Linney and she smiled at me, I just love her! It was a terrific drama-free day and I would do it again-in a New York Minute ;)

Photo Credit: Kaila Regina Wedding Photography

Dear Santa

Tom and I don’t do gifts anymore. We haven’t for at least the past three years. It was a bummer at first but I’ve since gotten used to it, if you don’t have the money-you can’t buy the gift. (That was our determining  factor in the no presents rule) That being said there are still some things out there that I really, really  need want.

 Here is what I’ve been coveting:

  1. Tassimo Brew-Bot LOVE! How awesome would it be to be at home and decide you really wanted a super delicious coffee concoction and all you had to do was walk to the kitchen? Heaven I tell you!
  2. A Glass Cake Stand with Matching Lid, I think this is a bakers essential that I have never bought. I usually make layered cakes and for whatever reason have yet to buy one of these. I saw one yesterday and almost bought it (because it was only $10.99) but decided to get cookie cutters instead.
  3. Pandora Charms, I love my charm bracelet, love I tell you. Don’t you just love this? ‘Cause I do!
  4. A Funky Sweater from Lane Bryant, the colors are bizarre but I love it!

Is there something out there you have been in love with recently?

Wordless Wednesday-Right Down Santy Claus Lane