It’s always an adventure when you go shopping with your BF AND have kids in tow, this time was no different.

We had to do some shopping and were looking for a few things at Old Navy. As usual Old Navy puts a majority of their clothing in piles on tables. I walk over to the stack of camis in the perfect shade of brown. I’m looking through the stack and the sizes are in random order. I notice one of the labels is marked TTG. I was looking for a XXL. I can’t find XXL and these “stupid” TTGs were in the pile getting in my way. I finally select a TTG so that I can give it a thorough examination and wouldn’t you know at the top of the label was XXL. Eureka! I found my size! It appeared that the way the sticker was placed that it showed TTG instead of XXL. I finally used my brain after a long day of work and conference calls to put two and two together. One of my more blonde moments for sure.

Hence this day forward whenever I go shopping I’ll always look for the TTGs. Until I lose more weight of course! ;)

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