In a Blur

This is how the weekend can best be summed up! It just felt like non-stop on the go, I think I may have seen my husband for approximately 5 hours all weekend. Saturday, my Mom and I ran to a children’s re-sale event that was advertised as the largest in our state. We had a game plan, I was in need of a double stroller and a car seat for when my sweet boy turns one. Which is much sooner than I could imagine, he’ll be a year old in only two more months! We get there and see that they have a side by side double stroller marked $150, I hadn’t planned to spend so much so we continued on our journey. We get to the end of the aisle and see a different double stroller, I braced for impact and checked the price tag. Are you ready for this, it was marked $20 that’s it, I couldn’t believe it. We held tight to the stroller and quickly checked for car seats, no luck in that department.

On our way home we spotted a yard sale and pulled in at the allure of a cool chair and dresser. After thinking it over we decided we didn’t have any place to put either item. As I turned to walk away I spotted an edger! I couldn’t believe it, I asked the man how much expecting to hear $40 or $50 bucks. Much to my surprise he was asking $10! Score, I snatched that sucker up and loaded it into the van! I have never been so excited over lawn equipment, I can’t wait to have a perfectly edged sidewalk and driveway.

After all of our great finds I started in on making my very first turkey! I have never done a turkey before but knew from watching and learning in years past the gist of what to do. It turned out terrific! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving so that I can make my own Thanksgiving feast for my family. Almost makes for feel like a real grown up, ha!

Sunday was a busy day with church activities-membership class, sunday service and then later that night a congregational dinner and meeting. I made a desert for the dinner that did not last very long. On the way over to church I had to slam on my breaks and my desert went flying off the passenger seat and into the floor where it was lodged until I could stop at a red light. Thankfully, the lid stayed on and with a little shuffling of the pan it wasn’t too unrecognizable. 


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  1. fancythis
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 19:53:22

    i felt like that too….it almost didn’t count as a real weekend!!!! don’t worry about your dessert – it was DELECTIBLE!

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