In a Blur

This is how the weekend can best be summed up! It just felt like non-stop on the go, I think I may have seen my husband for approximately 5 hours all weekend. Saturday, my Mom and I ran to a children’s re-sale event that was advertised as the largest in our state. We had a game plan, I was in need of a double stroller and a car seat for when my sweet boy turns one. Which is much sooner than I could imagine, he’ll be a year old in only two more months! We get there and see that they have a side by side double stroller marked $150, I hadn’t planned to spend so much so we continued on our journey. We get to the end of the aisle and see a different double stroller, I braced for impact and checked the price tag. Are you ready for this, it was marked $20 that’s it, I couldn’t believe it. We held tight to the stroller and quickly checked for car seats, no luck in that department.

On our way home we spotted a yard sale and pulled in at the allure of a cool chair and dresser. After thinking it over we decided we didn’t have any place to put either item. As I turned to walk away I spotted an edger! I couldn’t believe it, I asked the man how much expecting to hear $40 or $50 bucks. Much to my surprise he was asking $10! Score, I snatched that sucker up and loaded it into the van! I have never been so excited over lawn equipment, I can’t wait to have a perfectly edged sidewalk and driveway.

After all of our great finds I started in on making my very first turkey! I have never done a turkey before but knew from watching and learning in years past the gist of what to do. It turned out terrific! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving so that I can make my own Thanksgiving feast for my family. Almost makes for feel like a real grown up, ha!

Sunday was a busy day with church activities-membership class, sunday service and then later that night a congregational dinner and meeting. I made a desert for the dinner that did not last very long. On the way over to church I had to slam on my breaks and my desert went flying off the passenger seat and into the floor where it was lodged until I could stop at a red light. Thankfully, the lid stayed on and with a little shuffling of the pan it wasn’t too unrecognizable. 


A Wheat Penny

A few days ago I decided to go through my coin purse and clear out some of these coins that had piled up. I think I had no less than 47,000 pennies that I was lugging around day in and day out. As I was digging through the coins I stumbled upon a wheat penny. I felt that little tingle in me, that tingle of me as a child when I collected coins with my Dad and Grandpa.  I looked down at the date and saw that it was minted in 1912 and quickly set that penny to the side.  Even though I don’t go out searching and buying old money like I once did as a kid I still enjoy when I find a rare piece of money in my daily life. I mean how often do you find a penny that is 98 years old?

Ironies of Life

I have been super diligent about my meal plan since this past Thursday. I really, really wanted to lost 3 pounds this week and I just knew that if I stuck to my exercise and meal plan it would all pay off.  Yeah, right. I shouldn’t be so cynical but it has become comical. I weighed Friday very pumped that I had lost all of my ahem, seven pounds of vacation weight. Then I thought okay good, I should hit Toze’s goal for me by this Friday the 24th. However, every time I weigh myself I am surprised to find that the scale has not moved one pound, not even an ounce! So with that I no longer have high hopes for Friday’s weigh-in.

Hopefully I’m gaining muscle and that’s why the number on the scale hasn’t changed in six days, I can only hope! I hope to have better luck next week!

Family Vacation Part 2

Ah vacation, I’ve been back for almost two weeks and I wish I was still there! After we got settled into our apartment we began scouring the tourist brochures and magazines to see what fun adventures Williamsburg held for us! With two kids age 2 years and 9 months we were hoping to find things that they would enjoy while on vacation.

We took a trip to the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, Virginia…super fun! They had indoor and outdoor exhibits and showed animal life in Virgina as well as their habitats. Hannah loved it and I enjoyed the exhibits, here are a few pics:

The next day we visited the Jamestown Settlement.

The next day we headed to Colonial Williamsburg to walk around and enjoy the sights:

Now it’s back to reality, I can’t wait to see what adventure 2011 will hold for us!

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Rock The Vote!

My good friend Ellen is participating in a contest for the internets to pick her outfit. The contest is being run by Laura, my bestess, and the entries have been submitted and now it’s time to vote!

If everyone could go and vote for the outfit I put together,  I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much!

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Another One for The History Books (Part 1)

This past weekend we wrapped up vacation and headed back home. We had a delightful time on the first leg of our trip when we headed to Missouri to see my cousin Daniel get married. The first couple of days in Missouri we stayed in the city and did a few things around town.

Our first day in town we rode an 80-year-old carousel in Faust Park. Went to the Butterfly House and enjoyed some time on the playground at Faust Park.

We went to the Daniel Boone Home which was kind of  a snooze fest, not to mention it was hot and miserable!

The next day we headed to the St. Louis Zoo, my personal favorite!

While at the Zoo we rode another carousel!

By Friday we headed down to the south-east region of Missouri to visit with family and attend my cousin’s wedding, while there we ate at the wonderful Lambert’s Cafe.

Lambert’s food is out of this world and they throw rolls over your head, very fun!

We gathered for Rehearsal Dinner, which was great to have a pretty good majority of my Dad’s side of the family in one place. Here is a picture of all the chaos to prove it!  ;-)

Then Sunday was the big day!

The wedding was so, so, so much fun!!! The bride and groom were so beautiful and although I’m not a crier at weddings I could almost feel the tears welling in my eyes!

After the wedding we headed back east to Williamsburg, Virginia for the second leg of our journey. While there we stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Powhatan Historic Resort. I’m pretty sure they had just about everything one would need and you would never have to leave the resort!

My Parents:

The grounds:

I have more to say about this week and a half long vacation so tune in tomorrow for the continuing adventures!

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