What In The World Is Going On Up There?

I guess it’s been about two months or so that I have changed my hair style and color. It is quite fun and I always feel so delightful when I leave.

I was a little bummed about how fast red fades, mine will completely wash out in two weeks. When I went back the second time it was as if my hair was colored a completely different way from when I left. I left with a purplish brown color all over with red/purple highlights, when I went back the second time I had brown with blonde highlights. So I got the same color as before because clearly I don’t learn my lesson the first time. I explained to her how I hate how fast it fades. She sold me a bottle of pigment (read: hair color that you do at home) for an additional $15 to put on my head once a week. Hm. So every thursday I dye my hair, WTF!

Then this last time I went I thought my hair looked shorter on one side then the other. Surely this was my imagination! So I keep thinking it’s the way I am parting it or something. Well, it must have been the “or something,” I finally got down to business to investigate this scene a little further. I brush my hair completely flat to my head,  sure as the sun sets my hair is an 1 1/2 shorter on my right side then on my left. I tried parting it this way and that which seemed to just make matters worse. Hmm, now what should I do? For a millisecond I considered cutting the one side shorter to match. I decided against that as the longer side is my favorite side. It will be best to just let it grow out and hopefully have better luck next haircut?!?! This seems most logical for now.

I don’t know what to do now, do I keep spending ridiculous amounts of money for this? I know for a fact I am no longer doing the purple/red/magenta color anymore. It only looks nice the first day, after I wash my hair it comes right out.  I am afraid to get my hair cut elsewhere because I don’t know who does a good graduated bob and I am hoping my faux pas was a one time occasion. I’m thinking I’ll be heading to the beauty supply store to pick out a new hair color and letting my mom do it.  :-(

Corn Makes Rain…

(Really, the song states that Rain makes Corn but that is no longer how my brain will sing it.)


Girl’s Weekend 2010. Super Fun!

We traveled to Mahanoy City, PA about  2 1/2 hours from home to begin our wonderful journey into our no-stress zone. We had a lovely time visiting the small town where we stayed as well as the small towns around there. We went antiquing Friday which is always a wonderful adventure! I love scouring the various booths searching for the perfect item. While I was there I came up with the marvelous idea of  framing old comic books and hanging them in my entry. So that gave me a task to find the best and funnest comic book cover I could find! I was also able to grab a few with Captain America on them for Tom! :mrgreen:

The next day we went to Pottsville, PA and took the tour of Yuengling Brewery-America’s Oldest Brewery. SO cool! It was a nice little history lesson and you get to have a free beer when the tour is over! The one downfall of the tour was how hot is was.  My Lord I think they were trying to melt our flesh off! Thankfully they have their own cave that averages at 50 degrees year-round so there was a small amount of time that we were not in the blazing heat.

While in Pottsville we finally convinced Emmy to get the same tattoo as Laura and I. It is so cute and makes me want to have mine touched up so it is vibrant once more.

Sunday, we enjoyed a torrential downpour while playing monopoly, reading and cooking dinner.  So relaxing.

I love my girls and am glad we are able to share a few days with each other every year. Amazingly after 25 and 12 years we still learn new things about one another. Thank you Tom for watching our babies and I am SO looking forward to Girl’s Weekend 2011…Nashville here we come!