I officially started exercising on May 5th and I love it! Since then I have lost twelve pounds! Woo-hoo!

My trainer is super awesome! He is so caring and seems generally concerned if you have a question for him. He always, always gives positive words of encouragement. I just love him! To make things even better he is from Portugal and has the cutest accent!

I finally have that feeling of this is going to work for me!

Friday when I was there I met two people who he was working with. A man who had lost 46 pounds had been going there for nine weeks and a woman close to her 70’s had lost 63 pounds in the past six months. I can’t wait for that to be me! To-ze even said to me, “You are next, soon you will be like Cinderella!”

I started going to church again and am really enjoying it! I always feel so recharged for the week when I go on Sunday. I missed yesterday’s service because I had worked Saturday from 5am-9am and was totally wiped out from getting up at 4am. Now I’m feeling like something is missing from my routine, I hate that!


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  1. fancythis
    May 17, 2010 @ 14:53:25

    I’m just so proud of you! This is good stuff! I like this To-Ze guy!

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