Car Jacking! Say What?

Cops were banging on the door around 9:00 Wednesday night. I had just laid Carter down to change his diaper as he had become fussy. I opened a window to see who was knocking at the door and the cops said “Mam, we need you to come to the door, we have a few questions for you.” I grab Carter and head down stairs to get the door. No sooner did I reach for the lock to unlock the door that the cop banged loudly on the door again! I opened the door and explained that I had to grab the baby and let the dog outside. They literally start interrogating me with all of these random questions about a blue hummer, antiques and Craig’s list. None of which I knew the answer. Then they started asking who lives here, for how long, where is my husband. Not just once but they asked me the same questions about three times. I did invite them in and they were searching my house with their eyes, I thought that was humorous.

 They took my name, DOB and telephone number and said they’d be in touch if they had any more questions. I immediately call my mom who has no clue the cops are outside, even though there was seriously like four or five cop cars out front. Six of those cops had come into my house.

Mom decided to come down and talk to the cops more.

Apparently, these people in a blue hummer came from out-of-state to buy “antiques” from someone on Craig’s list. They told them to come to house number 23. When they got there something had happened and they called the Craig’s list person and he said that “No they needed to come to the house with the minivan” (my house). The people pull into my driveway, get out to talk to the Craig’s list guy and he grabs their keys and takes off in their hummer. The whole story sounds quite sketch to me. So apparently, some creeper was lurking around my house and apparently pretended to live there while I was in the house with my kids, WTH!

I along with everyone I’ve talked to about this thinks it was a potential drug sell. The guys that were car jacked were about my age (mid to late 20’s) and just didn’t look like the antique buying type. They didn’t look sketch but they also didn’t look like “antique” buyers.

Now, I am super paranoid about what is going on around my house. I don’t even like Hannah to go in the backyard and play even though I am right next to her. If it is dark and I am coming home from shopping or dinner I look all around before I get out of the car. I know that this type of thing will most likely not happen again but, it freaks me out that it happened at all!

Tom and I are purchasing a gun in the near future and are looking into a security alarm…just to be on the safe side.

Big Girls and Sleeping Babies

In the very near future we are going to upgrade Hannah to a full-sized mattress. When I pictured in my head her room I always thought of  Mermaids! I looked and looked last year and couldn’t find a single mermaid and if I did find one the bedding wasn’t what I had pictured in my head for her. Today, since I am now in the position to purchase a mattress for her I went ahead and started looking for bedding again.  I jumped on google and typed in ‘Mermaid Bedding,’ with no real hope of finding something for her. Much to my surprise this popped up:

I could hardly believe it! It is adorable and age-appropriate.  I bit the bullet and went ahead and placed my order. Operation Hannah’s Room Re-do will soon commence! I’m so excited to be re-doing her room and anxious to see how she handles a ‘Big-Girl Bed!’

Mister Carter is doing so well lately! He is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  Thank God!!!

Every night with the exception of Tuesday he slept through the night without a peep! Tuesday I think we threw him off by going to a dinner party and messing with his routine. Thankfully his routine is back on track now and he has continued to sleep through the night! He goes to bed around 10:30 PM and wakes up around 8:30AM. I have noticed that when he gets up a little bit earlier, then Hannah will sleep later than normal and vice versa. I think they might be conspiring against us!  j/k

I can tell my attitude has greatly improved since I have been able to get much-needed sleep!

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

It’s been tough, the kids have adjusted awesome to me being gone. The first few days with me back at work they were upset but seemed to do pretty well after about three days. This is the second week and I still feel like I can’t get it together!

Most nights Little Mister doesn’t sleep and gets up every couple hours. This is so not fun when you get up at five to be at work by seven. Lately I’ve been so tired that I’ve been falling asleep with him on my chest, thankfully he just sleeps right along with me until I realize and put him in his swing! Nights are a little hard with Tom not around. He works second shift so the house may not always be clean every day and the dinner might take a little bit longer to be made. In the end it all gets done!

I seem to have lost my gusto for work, I hate it now. Crawling out of my skin, ready to run from the building kind of hate. It’s not the people and it’s not the job it’s self, I just don’t want to be there at all. I’m hoping this feeling will pass soon or I am in for a world of hurt!

We have long corridors in the building I work in, on either side there is glass windows. Every time I walk somewhere I can see my reflection and it is not cute! I really, really need to get serious about getting all of this weight off! I feel like I just don’t have the time but I’m going to have to make time before I turn into the 500 lb woman! Yikes!

Carter has become so entertaining lately, he laughs and talks. The cutest thing ever! He even began eating cereal this week!

Hannah has become very well-behaved all of a sudden. For this I am extremely grateful! It seemed like months of battling, disciplining her for everything and just like that she started being her normal self again. It was a miracle!

First Cereal!

I am so excited!

Where’s my food?


Helper Hannah!

This isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

My “Baby” Girl…

Today you are two, I can’t believe that two years ago today I was finally having a baby! Finally!

Your name means “Grace of God” I feel like it was the Grace of God that I had you. You mean so much to me and your Daddy. I can’t wait to watch you grow up and one day turn into a little lady. I hope and pray that you and your brother are close as you grow up together and that everything in your life is wonderful!

I love you so much baby girl! Happy Birthday!