So I’ve been busy and neglecting my blog…sorry about that!

Recently we took a short trip to Missouri due to a death in the family. My cousin was shot and killed by her boyfriend. It was all very senseless and I found myself questioning how someone could actually do that. I didn’t grow up around my cousin since she lived in Missouri and I did not. I suspect we would have been closer if we did live in the same state. She left behind two sons, a granddaughter and two more grandbabies on the way. All because of some crazy, jealous man.

We would have stayed longer but as usual my Grandma doesn’t like travel so she wanted to come home as soon as we left the house. Thankfully we made it home safely despite a sleet storm in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Since we’ve been home I’ve been feverishly working on remodeling my family room. It is the last room to be completed since we bought the house two years ago. So far I have replaced the mantle, bought a rug and new curtains. I also bought new recessed lighting, a ceiling fan and a smaller ceiling light. All of those lights needed replaced and since we’ve started we discovered we need an electrician. The one light is wired so bad it’s a wonder the house hasn’t burned down…I’m not joking! I will eventually be calling a chimney sweep to come out and look at the fireplace. I would prefer a professional give me the okay to build a fire in it. The only other thing this room needs is a new desk for the computer and new seating! Thank God for Uncle Sam and my tax refund or another year would be passing with my unusable family room!

Day Two and Still Suckie Free!

I was wondering how the night would go last night and it was surprisingly smooth! After this the day before I didn’t know what to expect. Hannah is doing very well so far. Last night she cried for about five minutes and went to sleep. I thought that was really well! Then she needed re-tucked two other times throughout the night and was fine without it. I am hopeful tonight will be even smoother!

Riddled with Guilt!

Yesterday was the fateful day Tom and I decided no more “suckie”  for Hannah, gasp!

We had gotten her down to only using it at night and for nap. Then she would find her brothers and use his. When we asked for it back she ran around like a hooligan and tried to turn it in to a chasing game. Yesterday, when we took her brother’s suckie away from her she had a tantrum. This must have happened about three times yesterday. It was then we decided no more!

Fast forward to later that night when all heck broke loose! She was extremely upset, understandably so! We went over everything and that suckie was all gone. She seemed okay with this until she actually had to lay down in bed without it. She cried for suckie, she cried for Mommy and Daddy but in the end she did fall asleep. Then around 3 a.m. she awakens and cries some more for the loss of her friend suckie. I felt horrible. Horrible! I thought about giving in and letting her have it but decided we made it this far so just keep going. Eventually with some words from Mommy and a rub on the back she calmed down enough to fall back to sleep.

I am fearful how tonight’s bedtime will go. I pray I am doing the right thing!


The snow came and I didn’t think would ever stop! God bless my parents who came over with there snowblower and cleared the snow for us!

My pitiful attempt at trying to clear snow away so the dog could go to the bathroom.

Hannah wandered outside when I went to get the broom to sweep the snow of the wood floor.

We were finally free after my Dad snow-blowed! Yay!

My abominable snow dad after two hours of clearing his drive and then mine! (Please note the ice chunks in his beard!)

Tom had to work a double yesterday during all of this snow so I was home with the kiddos by my lonesome. Thankfully my parents shoveled for me since Tom took the shovel with him on his treacherous journey to work at 7 am. I don’t think I have seen this much snow since I was a kid and my brother and I made a kick ass snow fort in our front yard! Total we had at least two feet.