Smiling and The Potty

Well, I haven’t posted in a while.

Hannah is really showing interest in the potty. She yells, “Potty!” Then waits for you to open the bathroom door so that she can jump on the toilet, wipe and flush. She is just skipping the step where you actually pee, lol! She keeps me pretty busy with this all day. I am hoping that one day she will actually pee and we can start to make some head way.

Carter has had a rough day today. He had been crying since early morning until just now. I have managed to get them both to sleep and it is finally quiet in the house, hallelujah!

He is really getting big, he weighs over 8 pounds now and has started to smile at you. If he would sleep through the night or for more than two hours we would be golden!

I managed to get out of the house sans kids this week which was super fun but seemed very unfamiliar. Even had a few cocktails which made it even better! Tom and I enjoyed a lovely night out Wednesday for his birthday. It was so nice to talk about us and plans for the future. All those things you really can’t talk about with kids around you. Squeezed a girls night out on Tuesday which was great to catch up and talk about all the stuff you don’t really share with anyone else. I think I’ll have some permanent hilarious moments from that night engrained in my memory!

All in all everything is smooth sailing.

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