A Sweet Little Angel

I was so pleased with Hannah yesterday at the mall. While getting her ready to go I’m running through all the possible issues we may run into especially since we are going to the dreaded mall. I wanted to get her picture with Santa and I am running out of time…especially since I avoid the mall on the weekend.

We get to the mall and I made the executive decision of no stroller. Typically I bring the stroller she doesn’t want to sit in it and then she ends up walking or being carried. I could just see me trying to carry her and push a stroller by myself, that would for sure end in disaster! So we walked hand in hand through the parking lot and through the JCPenneys all the way to the Santa area. We entered the line and she peered through the rail to look at Santa. When the line moved forward I called to her and she came. If we stood for a little longer she would sit on the floor and wait. I could not believe my eyes! No matter what if she started to wander just a little I would call her and she would come. I was so impressed I wanted to cry.  It was eventually her turn, she smiled and seemed to enjoy her Santa time, we paid and walked back through the mall. With no incidents, no crying and no meltdowns!

I was astonished and glad to see that we can go to the mall and it is not a total disaster. Her next test will be doing actual shopping!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. the momma
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 00:17:11

    Where are the photos??

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