Where Did That Week Go?

I had pneumonia and maybe the flu, could have just been something viral since last Friday. It totally knocked me off my feet. I had no strength, I couldn’t lift a glass of water to give you an idea. Bodyaches, extreme cold w/shivering that turned to extreme heat w/sweating with fever for six days. Then on Wednesday I noticed that I couldn’t breathe well at all. I called the Doctor’s office and they said they could see me on Thursday. Well of course it is even worse by Thursday. Tom takes me to the doctor and they make me wear a mask, which wouldn’t have been a big deal if I could breathe…what the hell. So I smothered with the mask on all through my appointment as to not contaminate anyone, which was kind of dumb because they said it was for coughing and I wasn’t doing any of that because my lungs wouldn’t let me. Finally, they decide I need breathing treatments and to be monitored because the oxygen in my blood is low. They send me to the ER, super. I get there and tell them I can’t breathe, I’m pregnant and I thought that I might have the flu. This wins me the golden ticket to the top of the line and I think I waited all of  2 minutes. Once in the back they examine me and send me to a room, once there a doctor and nurse come in. The nurse starts to check for the baby’s heartbeat while the doctor examines me more and tells me that he thinks I should have a chest x-ray done to check for pneumonia. They leave and not long after a man comes in to wheel me off to be X-rayed. When I return they take my blood for labs and put in my IV. A little while later the same doctor comes back to inform me that I have pneumonia in both lungs and that they might keep me overnight for monitoring. They start IV antibiotics and leave me to marinade. I was getting pretty freaked out at this point. I didn’t want to go to the doctor’s to begin with and now I have landed in the ER. Followed with checking my blood to make sure pneumonia hasn’t spread to my bloodstream and now I may have to stay the night. All the while I am hot as heck in there and trying to take a nap seemed impossible. My attitude may not have been the best this past week, ahem.

So finally after a few hours they came back and said I was free to go and that they were going to prescribe me an antibiotic and a cough syrup. Once again he offered me TamiFlu but said if it was his wife he wouldn’t want her to take it and once again I declined his offer. I am not big on medicines and pregnancy so I really was not trying to take something that may or may not be okay to take while pregnant. I felt guilty enough having an x-ray done! Not too bad of a trip to the ER, I think we were in and out in like three or four hours.

Ever since the antibiotics I have been feeling a lot better. The only thing that is bothersome for now is if I take a deep breath it feels strange almost burning/itching sensation in my lungs which I have deemed to be a healing feeling and when you lay down to sleep you cough more.

I am planning on returning to work tomorrow so hopefully nothing weird happens to me while I’m there!


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