Pre-Maternity Leave

There really should be such a thing. If my work were to have a new policy where you could have off the month prior to giving birth in addition to maternity leave, I would be in heaven right now!

Alas, I am here trying not to crawl right out of my skin. My leg is HURTING! and I mean HURTING! I had a leg cramp from hell in my sleep Friday night and my leg is having horrible muscle pains ever since. The pain actually feels like with every passing day it is getting worse. Today I can hardly walk. I think I need a cane.

Today I will be chanting to myself, Must not go home, must stay and work.

In addition that raunchy floral smell is still around me, I think this is going on week 2. I have narrowed the source to be some form of hair care product. Gah!


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