Mall + Hannah = Bad

There is something about going to the mall that brings out the worst in Hannah. We start off okay, I get her in the stroller, wheel her to our destination and she seems content. The minute, second even, that I begin to look at anything which is usually clothing of some sort she turns into a holy terror. Thrashing to get out of the stroller, yelling mommy at the top of her lungs and then somehow she manages to wriggle her body right out of the stroller straps while they are still buckled. It is ridiculous. So today I let her out and she proceeded to run laps around the clothing tables and stayed pretty close to my mom and I. Then it was time to go and she decided this was the opportune time to throw a fit and jerk her hand from mine. Nice. I calmly pick her up all the while my face is being thrashed and scratched as I  carry her out. Once in the hallway she is perfectly fine. Holds my hand the whole way until we enter the JCPenneys. Again she starts with the not wanting to hold hands and not wanting to sit in the stroller. Then it dawned on me, she only does this around clothing.

Then I remember Tom and my Dad had “watched” Hannah on separate incidents while at Carters. By watch I mean they let her run around the store like a banshee. Mom and I discussed this on the way out of Penneys and decided the men to be jackasses who have ruined Hannah from ever shopping in a clothing store, ever!  Don’t you know once we got to the parking lot she was the perfect angel. Holding my hand and talking the entire way. So frustrating!


F-ing Swine Flu!

I received a call from our local hospital to go over my scheduled c-section information as well as to do a pre-registration. Everything was going smoothly until the very nice lady slips in the end that the visitor policy has changed, ahem. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to visit anyone in the hospital. Apparently they implemented this change about two weeks ago she says. I asked, so does this mean my daughter will not be allowed in the hospital. Which of course I knew that’s what it meant but I had to hear the woman say it. She tells me yes, that would include my daughter and anyone else that is under age 16. I could feel my throat closing and the tears welling up in my eyes. I had heard of other hospitals doing this but in my head I had always pictures Hannah visiting her brother and I in the hospital and now that won’t be happening. When I got off the phone with the lady I called Tom and told him what was going on. He thinks he is going to sneak her in anyway…I can see someone at the hospital putting the shabash on that with a quickness. I really just can’t believe she won’t get to be there, what the hell.

Where Did That Week Go?

I had pneumonia and maybe the flu, could have just been something viral since last Friday. It totally knocked me off my feet. I had no strength, I couldn’t lift a glass of water to give you an idea. Bodyaches, extreme cold w/shivering that turned to extreme heat w/sweating with fever for six days. Then on Wednesday I noticed that I couldn’t breathe well at all. I called the Doctor’s office and they said they could see me on Thursday. Well of course it is even worse by Thursday. Tom takes me to the doctor and they make me wear a mask, which wouldn’t have been a big deal if I could breathe…what the hell. So I smothered with the mask on all through my appointment as to not contaminate anyone, which was kind of dumb because they said it was for coughing and I wasn’t doing any of that because my lungs wouldn’t let me. Finally, they decide I need breathing treatments and to be monitored because the oxygen in my blood is low. They send me to the ER, super. I get there and tell them I can’t breathe, I’m pregnant and I thought that I might have the flu. This wins me the golden ticket to the top of the line and I think I waited all of  2 minutes. Once in the back they examine me and send me to a room, once there a doctor and nurse come in. The nurse starts to check for the baby’s heartbeat while the doctor examines me more and tells me that he thinks I should have a chest x-ray done to check for pneumonia. They leave and not long after a man comes in to wheel me off to be X-rayed. When I return they take my blood for labs and put in my IV. A little while later the same doctor comes back to inform me that I have pneumonia in both lungs and that they might keep me overnight for monitoring. They start IV antibiotics and leave me to marinade. I was getting pretty freaked out at this point. I didn’t want to go to the doctor’s to begin with and now I have landed in the ER. Followed with checking my blood to make sure pneumonia hasn’t spread to my bloodstream and now I may have to stay the night. All the while I am hot as heck in there and trying to take a nap seemed impossible. My attitude may not have been the best this past week, ahem.

So finally after a few hours they came back and said I was free to go and that they were going to prescribe me an antibiotic and a cough syrup. Once again he offered me TamiFlu but said if it was his wife he wouldn’t want her to take it and once again I declined his offer. I am not big on medicines and pregnancy so I really was not trying to take something that may or may not be okay to take while pregnant. I felt guilty enough having an x-ray done! Not too bad of a trip to the ER, I think we were in and out in like three or four hours.

Ever since the antibiotics I have been feeling a lot better. The only thing that is bothersome for now is if I take a deep breath it feels strange almost burning/itching sensation in my lungs which I have deemed to be a healing feeling and when you lay down to sleep you cough more.

I am planning on returning to work tomorrow so hopefully nothing weird happens to me while I’m there!

The Meaning of A Name

Here is a fun little website if you’re bored like me and having nothing better to do:

I never looked up the meaning of Carter’s name oddly enough and remembered to do so this morning. Then I proceeded to look up more names just to make sure they still have the same meanings as last I looked. Clearly I am bored!

Carter-Driver of a Cart, origins: English


Thought of the Day…

You know you don’t see your husband enough when:

Going to an ultrasound together followed by Christmas shopping feels like a date.

Family Pictures

Normally, we would go in mid-November to our local Kiddie Kandids and have our Christmas pictures taken. This year however I will 9 months pregnant so Tom and I thought it better to just wait until after the baby is here to take Christmas pictures. This all doesn’t sound so bad in my head. Then I make the appointment for December 21st, ahem. Then I decide on what we all should wear. Hannah and Tom look cute in anything and Carter will of course be adorable because well he’s a baby and that’s what they do. I on the other hand will look rough, like I don’t know, I just gave birth or something. This helped me to decide that we would all wear cute sweaters and jeans. Something super comfortable for everyone.

Then reality sets in. Do you know how freaking hard it is to match two children. Especially when one child will be a newborn, literally. So this has made finding clothes for the two of them that match even in the slightest, near impossible. So Mom and I trekked out last night to the mall in hopes of finding something for the kids to wear. We headed to Children’s Place and found sweaters:

For Carter:


For Hannah:


But, I still am not totally in love with either sweater, I feel like I just settled. So before all of this I had emailed my Mom a few things to get her opinion on, when does she respond to them… last night at 11:00pm. I think she has  a good idea though, we could do these for Han and Carter:

Hannah SCarter S


















I’m thinking I should go with the above option. What does the Internets think about either option? Or are you thinking I am going crazy? That is of course entirely possible!

Outside My Mind

I always wanted to have three kids. You know how when you’re a kid and you imagine what you’ll name your children and how many you want. Well I wanted three. Then with this pregnancy and how every day is something new and obnoxious with my health I thought, I’m done, no more kids for me. Tom is even planning on getting snipped.

Then today I’m sitting at work and I thought, man, I really want to have another baby after this one. All unexpected, my body feels like it’s falling apart but my brain is saying I need a third. I have clearly lost it.

My mother in law, who I jokingly refer to as a gypsy (because she really believes in the string test to detect your number of children and gender) keeps telling Tom that we are supposed to have a third. Another girl to be exact.

Who knows what’s to come of our family of four, perhaps we’ll one day be a family of five.

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