Where Is That Smell Coming From?

And what is the smell?

For the past week maybe a little less I have smelled this fragrant almost floral like smell. I don’t where it is coming from or what it is.  The smell is now starting to smell like an air freshener or something. Yesterday, was the worst day. It was all around me, in my mouth and on every molecule of air surrounding me.  It gave me a sinus headache and made my nose run worse than normal.

I thought it was the girl who sits in the desk behind me because I noticed she had a bottle of lotion on her desk that I hadn’t seen before. Now I am convinced there is some sort of air freshener around this place.

My manager/friend here at work was helping me investigate because she can smell it too.  She sits down in my chair and said, “Heather, it’s your desk!” Which if you were in my aisle you would wonder because I feel like I’m in the center of it. I told her it wasn’t and then she proceeded to walk around and also could not find the source. So annoying!

We both are now wondering if someone has one of those stick on air fresheners under their desk. It has to be near me somewhere, I might need to come in early on morning on a seek and destroy mission, muhuwahaha!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Miss K (Kate)
    Oct 30, 2009 @ 14:17:55

    That would drive me insane!! I’m not a fan of really flowery smells.

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