Where Is That Smell Coming From?

And what is the smell?

For the past week maybe a little less I have smelled this fragrant almost floral like smell. I don’t where it is coming from or what it is.  The smell is now starting to smell like an air freshener or something. Yesterday, was the worst day. It was all around me, in my mouth and on every molecule of air surrounding me.  It gave me a sinus headache and made my nose run worse than normal.

I thought it was the girl who sits in the desk behind me because I noticed she had a bottle of lotion on her desk that I hadn’t seen before. Now I am convinced there is some sort of air freshener around this place.

My manager/friend here at work was helping me investigate because she can smell it too.  She sits down in my chair and said, “Heather, it’s your desk!” Which if you were in my aisle you would wonder because I feel like I’m in the center of it. I told her it wasn’t and then she proceeded to walk around and also could not find the source. So annoying!

We both are now wondering if someone has one of those stick on air fresheners under their desk. It has to be near me somewhere, I might need to come in early on morning on a seek and destroy mission, muhuwahaha!


Sleep, Where Are You Friend?

I don’t know what it is lately but I can not sleep. It seems to have started ever since Tom is now in the bed with me. This may be pure coincidence or perhaps I am on to something! Every morning like clock work I wake up at 3:30 am. I then proceed to toss and turn until 5:30 am when my alarm clock goes off. By then I have gotten my second sleeping wind and am now ready to go back to sleep. After hitting the snooze forty-seven times I eventually drag myself out of bed a little after 6:00 am. What is the deal.

Some mornings I lay there plotting Tom’s death as I am convinced he is crowding me out and pulling covers off me or piling them all on me. This morning I woke up with a throw pillow on my head. I am seriously considering putting a camera up to prove my theory that he is a horrible bed sharer. I am one of those people who can not stand other people piling on me. Tom is one of those people who likes to pile on other people (namely me). This morning in my near hysteria of tossing and turning for going on an hour he put his leg on top of my leg. Just like that I started feeling claustrophobic and had to turn myself and face the other direction. (Read: Heather needs psychiatric help)

Then the leg cramps start. Enough said.

So in the end, I ended up getting out of bed super early and coming to work super early.

I think I am done being pregnant. Surely this is really why I can’t sleep, right?

A Conversation With My Friend At Work…

N: Is you moms throwing you another baby shower.

Me: No, I don’t think I’m having another baby shower.

N: Oh that’s right, white people don’t have baby showers after there first baby.

N: Not us, we’ll keep having baby showers until you are up to your sixth or seventh kid. Then after that you really need to start re-using things.

All I could do is laugh, I mean really, what do you say to that. God love her.

Happy Fifth Anniversary Lover!

Picture 064

Hannie’s First Hair Cut!

About a month or so ago I made an appointment for Hannah and I to have our hair cut. She needed her ends leveled and I was ready for something new!

Finally, on September 30th we both got in to have our hair done. Hannah was first up. Rhonda my stylist told us that it is best to put her in a booster so that she will get used to having her hair cut on her own. Tom placed her in the booster and Rhonda put a Harry Potter-esque cape on her and she just sat there as still as a stone. Han enjoyed looking in the mirror at herself. I was near tears because she looked like such a big girl sitting up there all by herself.  Then just like that she was all done!


Picture 113

Picture 112



Picture 119

Picture 118

Picture 117



Picture 120

Next it was my turn on the chopping block. I had originally pictured about three or four inches to be chopped off. Then I just let Rhonda do what she thought would look best. I think she did a great job considering that I have Hannah to tend to and another one in just two months. She was wanting me to have fairly low maintenance hair and I think it turned out just great! I knew I was in for it when she put my hair in a pony tail and said that I might as well just donate my hair since I am was getting it cut. That is just what I did, I had nine inches total taken off and sent it in to Pantene to be made into a wig. I am still getting used to it but for now I am enjoying it!


Picture 111

Picture 114



Picture 115


Picture 116