My Momma

No sooner did I get home from work today than my Mom called. She was very sick and needed to go to the ER. Her kidney doctor ordered her to go to the ER is more what happened. She wasn’t feeling well yesterday and apparently only told me that she has blood in her urine. This to me was not a good sign, she also said she was having a lot of pain in her kidney area. So fast forward to today and she had a doctor’s appointment. Once they got a hold of her actual doctor they instructed her to go to the ER (she only saw the nurse practitioner at her appt.) and they sent an ultrasound slip to take with her. We get there, they admit her and then they did blood work and her ultrasound. Then we waited for the results to all come back. It was nearing time that I would need to leave so Tom could go to work. I called my brother and told him to come on over, he was going to come sooner but I told him to wait. I left Chase there and headed home. He let me know about a half an hour after I left that the doctor finally came. There was no leak in her kidney which is what the doctor had suspected but that it did appear she had a good infection going. They ended up admitting her for a two day stay of antibiotic treatments. This is all I know so far, I am eager to get up to the hospital tomorrow to check on her.


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