A Toddler Bed?

At work the other day a couple of co-workers asked me what I was going to do with Hannah once the new baby came. Because you know I couldn’t possibly but another crib. To which I replied leave her in her crib and buy the new baby his own crib. They both have girls about the same age as Hannah one is a little older the other is a little younger. Intrigued at there wanting me to put Han in a toddler bed, I asked how that was working out for them. The one girl claimed that she had switched her daughter into a toddler bed. Her daughter is around 21 months. I asked her if she slept good in it or if she wandered around the room at night. She then admitted that her daughter slept in the bed with her and her boyfriend so she really didn’t know. Confused, I scratched my head and looked at the other girl, I asked her the same. She gave me the most shocked look and said that she hadn’t switched her daughter yet who is about 16 months but that I should.

I can see now they are clearly trying to make me there guinea pig on how to get a toddler that is still too young (in my opinion) to sleep in a toddler bed. They weren’t getting me, oh no, not today!

I think it is just crazy. I am assuming that neither one of them prior to there daughters have any experience with children. I remember quite clearly how my nieces behaved when time came to switch beds and I know that I don’t want to do it too early. It’s bad enough when they are older and get up on there own when they’re not supposed too. I don’t need Hannah wandering the halls at night. I will reconsider this when she is around two or if she learns to climb out of her crib. For now she is perfectly content!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fancythis
    Aug 17, 2009 @ 22:12:13

    i think it’s fun when people dish out advice that they haven’t taken or experienced yet.
    my mom waited until we all learned how to climb out of our cribs before she put us in a bed. take that for what it’s worth, but it sounds like you’ve already got a great plan! :)

  2. billie
    Aug 18, 2009 @ 07:40:51

    We switched Danielle to a toddler bed before Kerri was born (they are only 18 mths apart) & had no problems with her getting out of bed. Cribs aren’t cheap & if you go to sell them, will get your what you want from it.
    Try a toddler bed for a few weeks. Move her crib to the baby’s room & let her know that her baby brother needs it & she can get a big girl bed. If it doesn’t work, move her back BUT at least you tried it before buying another crib.

  3. melissa
    Aug 18, 2009 @ 08:34:43

    you can always put the baby in a pack n play for a bit or borrow a small portable crib from someone. thats what we did for the first 6 months. then we moved ellie to a toddler mattress on the floor (until she learned to stay on it) and put gracie in the crib.

    you can teach kids to stay in their beds until you come get them.

  4. Ellen
    Aug 18, 2009 @ 17:19:04

    I’m on the “move them when they learn to climb out the crib” band wagon and would highly recommend borrowing a crib or additional pack-n-play until you are down to needing only one crib. We moved our son straight to a twin bed and he did just fine – toddler beds are great if you can get them for cheap or for free but an added expense that we did not deem necessary.

    You’re a wise woman and I’m sure you’ll make good decisions for your family!!

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