An Ultrasound Day

Here is my little guy, he is doing well. Everything measured well and whatever was going on with the blood flow to my uterus seems to have cleared up because she said it looked fine today. He weighed about 1lb and 5ozs.

Picture 009-edit

The front of his face, just the nose, lips and chin.

Picture 010-edit

On Second Thought.

Tom has changed his mind from his original bedding decision. We are now going with Papagayo. I personally like this bedding better so I am glad he changed his mind.

No one commented on my original blog post about his bedding choice and I’m thinking he got a complex from it. Too funny!

I am off of work this Thursday and Friday so I ordered the window valance so we can start working on Carter’s room. We would like to at least get it cleared out and painted. I am so excited!

Surgery Day!

Today is Mom’s surgery day. My dad was on his way back in town this morning so her and I traveled to the hospital and got her all checked in.  Dad made it in time before she went back for surgery so that was a good thing!

Her surgery will run 9-10 hours and hopefully all will be well afterwards.

I’ll provide updates when I hear something, please say a prayer for her!

Update @ 11:30am: Mom came out of her first surgery to remove her ovaries, fallopian tubes and 7in. tumor. The surgeon came out before the next surgery and said that the tumor looked to be benign. Her next surgery will take 5-6 hours…that is the her cancer removal portion of the surgery.

Update @ 8:15pm: Mom came out of surgery and all went well. Cancer and affected portion of kidney were sucessfully removed! She will remain in the hospital for another day or so.

A Toddler Bed?

At work the other day a couple of co-workers asked me what I was going to do with Hannah once the new baby came. Because you know I couldn’t possibly but another crib. To which I replied leave her in her crib and buy the new baby his own crib. They both have girls about the same age as Hannah one is a little older the other is a little younger. Intrigued at there wanting me to put Han in a toddler bed, I asked how that was working out for them. The one girl claimed that she had switched her daughter into a toddler bed. Her daughter is around 21 months. I asked her if she slept good in it or if she wandered around the room at night. She then admitted that her daughter slept in the bed with her and her boyfriend so she really didn’t know. Confused, I scratched my head and looked at the other girl, I asked her the same. She gave me the most shocked look and said that she hadn’t switched her daughter yet who is about 16 months but that I should.

I can see now they are clearly trying to make me there guinea pig on how to get a toddler that is still too young (in my opinion) to sleep in a toddler bed. They weren’t getting me, oh no, not today!

I think it is just crazy. I am assuming that neither one of them prior to there daughters have any experience with children. I remember quite clearly how my nieces behaved when time came to switch beds and I know that I don’t want to do it too early. It’s bad enough when they are older and get up on there own when they’re not supposed too. I don’t need Hannah wandering the halls at night. I will reconsider this when she is around two or if she learns to climb out of her crib. For now she is perfectly content!

So Let It Be Done.

Tom has FINALLY decided on crib bedding, praise Jesus! After all his tormenting me with claiming bright colors and sports themes…not my favorites (no offense).  He has chosen “Rock ‘N Roll” by Lambs and Ivy. I like the colors but am not totally in love with the theme just yet. It’s growing on me I suppose. My favorite was “Pirates Cove”  but I don’t think Tom liked it at all. At least this is done and we can now tackle something else. I think we have the paint colors narrowed down to brown on the bottom of chair rail and light brown on the top of the chair rail.

I think we all learned a valuable lesson here today…

17 month old girls should not attempt to wear night gowns. At least my 17 month old girl will not be wearing a night gown. After last night, it is clear you should not always give your child the benefit of the doubt!

I was woken up a few minutes before the alarm went off…my Han was stirring. I get up and start to head in there, all the while hoping that what I feared had not become a reality. I open the door and immediately smell the pee. I look in the crib diaper and baby were not connected. I reach in the bed is wet (I was still optimistic she hadn’t peed, lol!) and so began our clean up time. At 5:30 in the stinkin’ morning. I’m not bitter, we tried the nightgown and learned that next time she will be wearing shorts or something underneath. Thanks Auntie Em!  :lol:

Praying For Daylight!

I washed all of Hannah’s 18 months clothes and loving organized her dressers. Aunt Emily had bought her a nightgown for her birthday. I remember at the time thinking this should prove interesting. But the nightgown was put away in March and has just now been resurrected. After bath tonight I thought of how cute that night gown would be so I put that on her and she looked just adorable. Like a “Big Girl!”

Pan to later that night when I looked to Tom and said, “What if she took her diaper off and she’s in there pissing all over her bed?” Tom kindly let me know that, “That would be your problem in the morning.” Touche, touche. So now I am left wondering if her diaper is intact. I am nervous for 6:00am.

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