This is what I heard all day from none other that my sweet little baby girl, humph! Mean as a snake she is.

At first I quietly laughed to myself. Little kids saying inappropriate things in the right context gets me every time. I know, real mature on my part. She was saying it sassy towards Tom and I, yelling it really because she always seems to be yelling about something. Then after her bath someone had knocked on the door. I was trying to lotion her and get her PJ’s on when the dog starts barking at the mysterious knocker. I refrained from yelling shut up to the dog since Hannah would hear me and start saying it more. Well it didn’t take long for her to yell down at the dog from my bedroom, “SHUT UP!” Then proceeded to tell the dog to shut up about twenty more times. It was pretty funny, of course I did discipline her because I don’t want her yelling shut up and stop it to everyone she sees.

Later that night I called my Mom and asked her if Dad said shut up or stop it to Hannah while she was there Sunday night and Monday morning. She immediately starts to laugh because she can see where I am going with this. Of course my Dad denied saying it but I’m still suspicious. I have heard her tell her to “Shut it up” or the “Shut up that wailing.” I’m on to him, lol!

“Stop it” I know she got from Tom and I because she hears that and “No” about 47,000 times a day to no avail. She honestly doesn’t listen at all to discipline. She’ll cry for a minute or so and after that she’ll go right back to doing it. I’ve tried swatting her butt, swatting her hand, time out, removing her from the area. She will not be fazed. I was advised to pinch her inner thigh but that makes me kind of nervous. I absolutely hate being pinched and can’t quite bring myself to do that to her. Part of me says it is just her age and she’ll listen better when she gets older. Is this true for the most part or am I being a bit of a softy? What are things that you have tried with your kids? I am up for any input on what has worked for other people out there.


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  1. fancythis
    Jul 27, 2009 @ 22:21:39

    i’ve heard, from 2 different moms, that the pinch to the inner thigh is just the ticket.
    One of them, I trust.
    The other, eh.

  2. the momma
    Jul 29, 2009 @ 08:51:57

    Who could very actually pinch a little bitty bitty smooshy?? That’s horrible.
    PS I will be looking for bruises

  3. Ellen
    Aug 01, 2009 @ 08:27:13

    We aren’t pinchers but we are hand smackers and thigh swatters (think spanking but below the diaper since that pretty much defeats the purpose). What has worked more successfully then anything else is consistency on our part… if we say “come here” and she doesn’t come here, we haul off after her and bring her to us. If we tell her not to touch the tv and she does, hand smack, if she goes right back to the tv, hand smack again, a third time and we strap her in her high chair or stick her in her crib until she settles down so she gets it that she is not allowed to touch the tv. (Little finger prints on the screen tell us that this is an ongoing lesson but we’re getting closer to the goal.) Chose very carefully what you want to go to the mat for and then stick to your guns. We pray alot!! Parenting is no easy job.

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