This is what I heard all day from none other that my sweet little baby girl, humph! Mean as a snake she is.

At first I quietly laughed to myself. Little kids saying inappropriate things in the right context gets me every time. I know, real mature on my part. She was saying it sassy towards Tom and I, yelling it really because she always seems to be yelling about something. Then after her bath someone had knocked on the door. I was trying to lotion her and get her PJ’s on when the dog starts barking at the mysterious knocker. I refrained from yelling shut up to the dog since Hannah would hear me and start saying it more. Well it didn’t take long for her to yell down at the dog from my bedroom, “SHUT UP!” Then proceeded to tell the dog to shut up about twenty more times. It was pretty funny, of course I did discipline her because I don’t want her yelling shut up and stop it to everyone she sees.

Later that night I called my Mom and asked her if Dad said shut up or stop it to Hannah while she was there Sunday night and Monday morning. She immediately starts to laugh because she can see where I am going with this. Of course my Dad denied saying it but I’m still suspicious. I have heard her tell her to “Shut it up” or the “Shut up that wailing.” I’m on to him, lol!

“Stop it” I know she got from Tom and I because she hears that and “No” about 47,000 times a day to no avail. She honestly doesn’t listen at all to discipline. She’ll cry for a minute or so and after that she’ll go right back to doing it. I’ve tried swatting her butt, swatting her hand, time out, removing her from the area. She will not be fazed. I was advised to pinch her inner thigh but that makes me kind of nervous. I absolutely hate being pinched and can’t quite bring myself to do that to her. Part of me says it is just her age and she’ll listen better when she gets older. Is this true for the most part or am I being a bit of a softy? What are things that you have tried with your kids? I am up for any input on what has worked for other people out there.

Nesting of Sorts…

As I draw nearer to the five month mark and the realization that this pregnancy is almost half over. It has come to mind that perhaps I should get my shit together so to speak.

It feels like we have tons of stuff just sitting around and we just aren’t doing anything with it. I need to completely empty my third bedroom upstairs which leaves me with where am I going to put all of my/Tom’s excess stuff. Then I thought, wait we can put it in the garage and then I thought no, I wanted to empty that completely out. So now my option is to throw as much frivolous crap away as possible and then move what is left over to the basement. Oh wait the basement needs some drywall thrown up in the small area we were designating for storage. So now, you see I am in a bit of a catch 22.

I was over my parents house this morning for breakfast and told them that I seriously needed the TV show “Clean House” to come over and organize and repair everything I don’t have the time to get to. I swear work is eating away at my life. I have been working 9 to 10 hour days almost every day trying to get our new department running smoothly. Tom works all night comes home and watches Hannah until I get home from work and by that time neither one of us want to wash dishes much less paint and spackle! What’s a tired Mama to do, we need help! Being a working Mom is definitely for the birds.

Today I made my first step and drug all the bags my Mom sent over here of girls clothing (Four bags to be exact) upstairs to Hannah’s room. Then Hannah and I spent a better part of two hours going through everything and hanging it in her closet. Well she ate goldfish and ran a muck but she was still in there! So at least I have one less thing to worry with. Tomorrow I will pester my dad to come and help me get all of the lawn chairs and coolers back to his shed. I’m sure he is going to love that!

Then my next aggravation challenge, is dealing with Tom and this idea that he is in charge of picking out the decorating scheme for the new baby. I’ll admit that I am a tad bit of a control freak and I very much like neutral and warm colors. Tom likes bold and bright burn-your-corneas-out colors. Not kidding. He even said he was going to paint every wall a different color…all brights. I’m scared.

The other day I was in the mall and saw in the Pottery Barn window an adorable Zebra bedding for a boy. So pretty. I told Mom how perfect that was if we are to have a boy and she kindly reminded me that Tom is picking everything, humph. I have tried not to even show him anything I like because I know he will veto it. Today I mustered up my courage and showed him the bedding that I am in love with. I got an honest to goodness “That’s not bad.” Which to me means he likes it just as much as I do. I could be over thinking this whole thing, ha!  Since I will finally learn the sex of this baby on August 3rd I would like to go to the “Baby SuperMart” and see what they have. I always see the advertisement but have never been there. So we may be heading that way in two more weekends.

I might have to organize a few more things tonight if I don’t get too sleepy first!

How Sweet It Is

After a long day at work I come home today and did not receive my usual greeting of Hannah waiting at the top of the steps. She will usually stand there patiently waiting behind the baby gate yelling “Hi!” Today I got nothing, as a matter of fact it was eerily quiet. I mumbled to myself, “Where is my family to greet me.” As I made my way to the top of the steps I looked over top the railing to the couch in our living room. Just as cute as could be Tom and Hannah had fallen asleep together on the couch. She made herself a Daddy hammock and was fast asleep. For I couldn’t help myself I snapped a quick picture:


That pretty much made my day!

Wordless Thursday-Playing at the Beach

Picture 098