First Impressions and Updates

I made my switch yesterday to the new doctor’s office. I am feeling good about it thus far. Yesterday was just a meeting with the nurse and we went over my medical history and filled out all of the forms that are needed for the hospital.

I was able to discuss with her the pros and cons of a VBAC. The cons out weigh everything in my opinion so I will be having a schedule c-section. I verified with her when exactly the time frame for said C-section would take place. She said it could possibly fall on the 15, 16 or 17 of December. This was a huge relief since I am due 12/29 I was concerned with how Christmas would fall into the time frame they gave me of 39 weeks delivery. This way the baby and I will be home and settled in time for Christmas, yay!

I had a First Trimester Screening on June 12th. The nurse let me know that my report gave no cause for concern and that the baby had an extremely low risk of birth defect. That was also great news to hear.

I will have a Level II ultrasound on August 3rd and will get to find out what the baby’s gender will be! Very exciting!

I was also cleared to begin exercise again, starting off slow and keeping my heart rate under 140.

Hannah is doing really good lately, she seems to be moving a little bit out of her screaming phase. For a good while, maybe about three or so months. She would scream about everything for no apparent reason. It was quite an interesting time. I have noticed her using more words as of recent. She said No, Fish and can “Bock-Bock” like a chicken.  She has said Mama and Daddy for a while along with Bye, Hi and Hey. She probably is saying more but it sounds like baby ramblings to me.

It is so cute when they get to this age of  learning little words here and there. Watching babies grow is such a blessing.

This week we begin our family vacation on Thursday! I am so glad that we are going to spend a whole week together. I’ll get to be home in the mornings with Han and sleep in the same bed at the same time with my husband!


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