First Impressions and Updates

I made my switch yesterday to the new doctor’s office. I am feeling good about it thus far. Yesterday was just a meeting with the nurse and we went over my medical history and filled out all of the forms that are needed for the hospital.

I was able to discuss with her the pros and cons of a VBAC. The cons out weigh everything in my opinion so I will be having a schedule c-section. I verified with her when exactly the time frame for said C-section would take place. She said it could possibly fall on the 15, 16 or 17 of December. This was a huge relief since I am due 12/29 I was concerned with how Christmas would fall into the time frame they gave me of 39 weeks delivery. This way the baby and I will be home and settled in time for Christmas, yay!

I had a First Trimester Screening on June 12th. The nurse let me know that my report gave no cause for concern and that the baby had an extremely low risk of birth defect. That was also great news to hear.

I will have a Level II ultrasound on August 3rd and will get to find out what the baby’s gender will be! Very exciting!

I was also cleared to begin exercise again, starting off slow and keeping my heart rate under 140.

Hannah is doing really good lately, she seems to be moving a little bit out of her screaming phase. For a good while, maybe about three or so months. She would scream about everything for no apparent reason. It was quite an interesting time. I have noticed her using more words as of recent. She said No, Fish and can “Bock-Bock” like a chicken.  She has said Mama and Daddy for a while along with Bye, Hi and Hey. She probably is saying more but it sounds like baby ramblings to me.

It is so cute when they get to this age of  learning little words here and there. Watching babies grow is such a blessing.

This week we begin our family vacation on Thursday! I am so glad that we are going to spend a whole week together. I’ll get to be home in the mornings with Han and sleep in the same bed at the same time with my husband!

I’m Making My Move

After yesterday’s doctor’s appointment. I have decided to go ahead and switch to a new OB.

I just needed her to switch medicine so that I would stop being sick all the time. She interrupts me as soon as I got out the vomiting and nausea and says, “Hun, that’s because you are pregnant.” I had to take a moment before I exploded on her and I said I understand that but I am also experiencing…” and I went down the list. Then her face turned a little more concerned. She checked the baby on the ultrasound machine and then we started talking again. She said, “I think you need to take two weeks off to get it together.” Since we were discussing medicine I thought she was referring to the medicine that I wanted her to switch. Plus at this point I was upset and angry because I didn’t feel like she was listening to me.  So I end up leaving with a note and another appointment for next week.

While I am walking to my car I read what the note says, “Heather is having some issues related to pregnancy. She needs off for two weeks.” I literally let out a chuckle walking to my car. This sounded so freaking ridiculous. Then once I got to my car I started to cry because the whole thing was just aggravating. I accomplished nothing from that appointment and I still am sick. What the heck. So then I start thinking about how in the world I would take two weeks off and what is the purpose of taking two weeks off. So overwhelming and unexpected.

After I talked it over with Tom, Mom, my BF and my boss, I decided this whole thing is ridiculous and it boils down to her unwillingness to change my medicine. She did not think it was the Labetalol she feels it is a combination of the high blood pressure and the diabetes. She also for the five thousandth time said that “You really need to consider losing weight.” I have told her a million times that I was losing weight prior to pregnancy and that she is the one that told me to stop exercising. So then after I said that she still said that I needed to wait to exercise until after I have the baby. If that is the case I don’t want to hear another word about my weight. There is nothing I can do to change it now so stop harping on it.

I don’t maybe it’s me, maybe it’s her but I don’t like how things are going.

Labetalol will be the death of me…

I’ve been taking this medicine since early May when my doctor was concerned my blood pressure was too high. As soon as I started taking it I got sick. Nausea/vomiting and occasional dizziness.

I tried to suck it up thinking my body just needed to adjust and that given time I will be fine. It has now been over a month and I am worse than I started. My blood pressure has come down nicely, the dose was increased about two weeks ago because it was still too high. Since then my pressure has been back to normal. Thankfully. On the other hand I have been experiencing: muscle weakness, headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and occasional light headed. I was super sick all weekend and then yesterday I was super freaked out.

I bent down to give Hannah a hug and kiss and when I got back up I felt extremely light headed, I had to grab the wall to keep from falling over. Then when I was walking into work my purse felt like I was carrying fifty pounds on my shoulder. I got to my desk and knew I wasn’t right. I picked up a pen to write with and my arm actually hurt from holding the pen. It was so heavy feeling.  As you can imagine the rest of the day was down hill from there. I got extremely sick and at one point had to put my head on my desk to keep it from spinning so much. I ended up throwing in the towel around 2:00 and leaving work. Prior to leaving work I called my OB so that she could possibly switch my medicine but she hasn’t called back yet. If  I don’t here anything I am going to call again today.

Has anyone else experienced this with there blood pressure meds? I am usually really good with medicine but this one is tearing me up!

Update: I called the doctor first thing this morning and they returned my call in about 20 minutes. Apparently they accidently deleted my message from yesterday. So I am going in today at 10:15 so we can hopefully get a new game plan.

Wednesday 6/3/2009

Today was a very good scan! The baby was doing lots of wiggling, waving and feet kicking! So fun to watch!

Here is a picture where you can see the head, arm and fingers:

Picture 004-edit

This next one is of the little guy waving:

Picture 005-edit

The baby is doing great and the heart rate today was 171 and the baby measured 11 weeks.

Next week is my last appointment with Dr. F, it seems like it has gone by so,  so fast. I will miss them, they are awesome doctors/nurses!

I am a little upset about my blood pressure. It was high again today: 140/90. I was advised to call the OB so they could raise the current dose of blood pressure meds that I am on. That is making me very nervous. I know every pregnancy is different but, with Hannah I didn’t not have HBP until I was 7 months pregnant. Even then I was never treated with medicine for it. This time however right off the bat I needed to be put on meds. It is making me very nervous for what the future holds if we can’t get this under control. My mom thinks it is because my job is a lot more stressful now then two years ago. I don’t know what to think.

I also have my first appointment with the Diabetes doctor tomorrow…dun, dun, dun. I will expect them to put me on insulin, that is the normal thing to do when you are already on the Type 2 pills. My blood sugars have been good at meal times but too high when I first get up in the mornings. I am not looking forward to this but will of course do anything for the health of the baby!!!

Then amongst all of these doctor’s appointments I will be hitting the dusty trail to North Carolina! Very exciting but, I will really miss Hannah and Tom.

So Hungry! With A Side of Random Pregnant Thoughts

I have moved from tired all of the time to hungry all of the time!

Somebody switched the flip on me and I literally feel like I am starving 90% of the day.  I ate almost every hour yesterday and at bed time by stomach was growling loudly and I was feeling hungry again so I got up and ate before I went to sleep. Then I woke up and felt like I was starving and hadn’t eaten in three days. If I don’t eat I get ill.

I had to fast Saturday for blood work and hadn’t eaten for maybe about an hour and a half to two hours after I woke up. I finally ate something and about 15 minutes later started puking. I am declaring it now, there will be no more fasting while I am pregnant. Never again.

I have noticed I have become extremely less patient and easily irritated. I have never been the most patient person so you can just imagine me now. Not a pretty sight.

I have developed a new found love with Lucky Charms. I haven’t eaten them since I was a child but now I can’t get enough of them.  I only like them with milk so it’s not the most convenient way to eat them. So I only manage to squeeze in about two bowls a day. I also hate pretty much every food you sit in front of me. ESPECIALLY meats. Not sure why but the thought makes me want to hurl.

I am at the point that I will need to go out and get a few maternity capris and short sleeve shirts. Anybody that wants to come with me shopping give me a call, seriously!

This new found hungriness should make for an interesting road trip on Thursday. I’ll have to be sure to pack a lot of food for the eight hour ride to Charlotte. Otherwise we will be stopping quite often for me to get something to eat!!!