Baby Mama

Finally got to watch it tonight. Overall it was pretty darn funny. There were some parts that ticked me off but I suppose that just proves good acting. I am sure it was just my overly hormonal godzilla-ness or something.

If you haven’t seen it you should rent it, if you have seen it I would like to hear your thoughts.

Thursday 5/21/2009

The baby is doing very well! The heart rate was 185. Today was cool, you could see the head, legs and umbilical cord. While we were looking in on him you could see him wiggling around and kicking his leg! So magical!

Picture 003-edit

Yolk sac is the white ball with the black circle. Next to that you can see the bottom portion of the body. The umbilical cord is leading down. Head is to the far right-furthest from the yolk sac. The leg is right on top of the umbilical cord. Measured 8 weeks 5 days.

For The Birds

It’s official, I have morning sickness. Never experienced it with Hannah and this time around had been no different. Until this week…

I started taking high blood pressure medicine on Tuesday and ever since I have been sick in the mornings. I thought it was the medicine but it didn’t happen at night when I took the second pill. Then just to try it out I hadn’t planned on taking the medicine until later in the day. No such luck, the sickness kicked in about thirty minutes after I woke up.

Clearly I was not missing out on anything first pregnancy around. Maybe this time I am having a boy?

Fun Times or Something

  • Hannah had a fever that lasted from Thursday until Sunday
  • Therefore she woke up Friday morning at 1:30am and did not go back to bed until 7:30am
  • I called out of work Friday
  • I am still feeling sleep deprived
  • Had a super nice day for Mother’s day (Thank you Husband and Hannie)
  • Went to my first OB appointment today
  • NO: Sex, exercise, lifting heavy objects, caffiene or artificial sweetners
  • I will be having another C-section
  • My blood pressure is high (it’s no wonder, see above!)

Thursday 5/7/2009

I had a very good appointment today! Everything is looking great and all of my blood work is really good! My hemoglobin A1C is a 5.6 which is super good!

I got to see the baby’s heartbeat today! It was a moment of shear joy! I could also tell he had gotten much bigger since last week. He is starting to take shape!

The heartbeat was 124!

Here is a pic of the little guy:

Picture 002-edit

I am measuring six weeks three days, giving me a new due date of 12/29/2009. This date is the official date and should not change in the future.

I do have to say this, I had to get an exam today while I was there. I hadn’t had an exam with them since 2007. So they have me get undressed and put the gown on. Clearly this gown was Hannah’s size. It was squeezing my fat little arms and it literally half covered the front of me. Ridiculous. It reminded me of Chris Farley and David Spade in Tommy Boy, “Fat guy in a little coat.” I survived it but if memory serves me I think these people gave me a tiny little gown last time too!

Thursday 4/30/2009

Last week’s appointment went very well! Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me!

All of my blood work looks really good and the RE will continue to monitor me until I am 12 weeks. They estimated that I was about five weeks last week. My estimated due date is 12-20-2009. The lady that did my ultrasound sound said that may increase by a few days since it does look like I am five weeks and they will be able to measure the embryo next Thursday (the 7th).

The lady also hoped that we would be able to see the heartbeat this week! YAY!

Unfortunately, Tom is with Hannah so he hasn’t been able to come to the ultrasounds with me and I don’t think we will be coming to any.  :-(   At least that is how it looks so far.

Here is the little bean at five weeks:


I don’t see two sacs in there so I am going to assume we dodged the twin bullet!  ;-)