The Step Master…Seriously

So, we had our Monday step class yesterday, we set  up our stepping stations and it is then I realize…the stepping master is in front of me. No joke!

I knew it was about to get serious when I see him stretching his hulk legs, I am not kidding you this man had legs like a horse. Rock solid.

I looked at my bestie and we both let out a chuckle. This was followed by several more chuckles once the class got started. I was so amazed the man looked like he HAD to have been 50-60 years old and he had enough energy for everyone in the gymnasium.  There is nothing like being the noob doing step next to Stepper Sammy. Dude was serious. Meanwhile I was the bumbling idiot who was always a step behind and I had homeboy in front of me tearing it up.

It was kind of  like a repeat of  last week


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